Video of Webcast: Top 5 Essential Brain Shortcuts in Disruptive Times

YESENTIALS® Shortcuts for Today’s Reality with Dean Minuto
Good morning, all!
By request of clients (many of them my closest friends) we have been recording 30-minute webcasts with their teams this week.

This is the most recent for you to view and share…

We have delivered 9 of them this week for Teams around the world– revising and improving the webcast as the week progressed.  The first part of the webinar is the one you see in this recording, the second part for my friends and long-time clients is when we open the call up for Q&A. 

Please share this video with folks you believe would find value in watching it– because there are two hard truths for us this week.. 
Patterns have been disrupted for EVERYONE you know, and
If you are working at home, you are now ALWAYS AT WORK.

Scientists found it. The YES button.

…the YES button in the brain.
(And you can learn how to trigger it.)

Science has found hundreds of specific triggers,
that when present in people’s environment
will trigger the YES button.

Scientists call these triggers “cognitive biases”
and they explain why your customers 
say YES to some requests–
say I NEED TO THINK ABOUT IT to others–
or flat out tell you NO.

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My best friend’s “Bag of Rocks”

“Everyone has their own bag of rocks.”
…you’ve heard the phrase.
The bag is filled with their sorrow, their pain.
My grandmother said:
“If one night God brought you into the room
where He keeps everyone’s bag of rocks… 
and let you set your bag down 
and peek into all the other bags…
You’d say:
“Give me back my bag, please.”
So many people carrying such a heavy load.
But what if we “re-framed” those rocks?
What if we carved into them the things we wanted?

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Wanna get better at this…? (a gift to get you started!)

I was thinking about our “craft“… for all of us…
and how we get to Mastery around what we do.
And the math is simple enough:
Improve 1% a dayin 70 days you are twice as good.
If that’s too fast for you…
Then just improve 1% a week, and in 
70 weeks you are twice as good.
So the question is where is your next 1% coming from?
Where is your Team’s next 1% coming from?
How will you (every day, in every way) 
get better at your YES-CRAFT?

An Admission. (The Science behind “Great News!”)

You can use Brain Science to GET TO YES FASTER® 
But first, an admission: 
I love Salesmen.
The True Professional– man or woman.
Yeah, I said it.
I always have.
(Deep down inside so do you.)

I love it when they say “I got Great News for you!”
Because I know it’s evidence that they’ve done the work.
And I know they care.
They’re excited. They’re confident.
They can see the “win” that’s in it for me– the WIIFM.
They know the Outcome is going to be GOOD for me.
And I feel it coming off of them.

Those are Victory Chemicals.
And we want some of that.

They are Difference Makers. Truth Tellers.
They are Order-Makers. Not Order-Takers.
And when they’ve done the work in preparation,
when they can see the Solutions to our Problems
they confidently proclaim 
“I got GREAT NEWS for you!”