How do you inspire your entire Vistage Group, association, or business team to GET TO YES FASTER®? Leading your group to greatness can be done through the power of persuasion. By adding the YESCALATE® system and toolkit to your group’s repertoire, they can effectively get to yes with anyone you want—and teach others to do it, too. Bringing in an expert speaker and sales coach—one of the most highly regarded Vistage Speakers in America—to speak to your team is the quickest way to make this happen.

But not just any sales coach will do, and the wrong speaker can create an adverse effect, causing your attendees to feel bored and frustrated—or worse, have their limiting paradigms about “sales” reaffirmed.

To ensure you get the best, reach out to Vistage Speaker Dean Minuto; he’ll motivate your entire Vistage Group, association, or team and teach them vital skills for success. Learning the fundamentals of authentic persuasion with Dean’s proven YESCALATE® system will help everyone in your organization GET TO YES FASTER®. This Talk is NOT ABOUT SALES but it WILL help you sell more. It’s no wonder that more than 550 Vistage-related Groups have chosen Dean to speak to their Members and more than 9,000 CEOs and business leaders across America have chosen Dean to coach their companies—because Dean delivers. What does deliver mean? It means averaging above a 4.9 out of 5.0 Rating for the last 8 years, and being named Vistage Speaker of the Year in June of 2015.

In the Vistage press release recognizing Dean Minuto as the 2015 Speaker of the Year, Vistage referred to an award given to the “MVP” of the speaker community. The Speaker of the Year Award recognizes one speaker from the Vistage speaker community with a high volume of well-scored and highly engaging presentations. Qualified Speakers must have presented a minimum of 200 Vistage presentations overall – with a minimum of 50 presentations within the designated year – and have received a cumulative scoring of 4.7 or higher for both content and delivery.

Dean presented 112 times in 2014, the most of any Vistage Speaker, and was praised by members for his program, Yescalate®: Your System To Get Yes, Step By Step. Minuto’s program received the highest average scores from members, including a 4.9 across the board in content, delivery and applicability. In 2014 Dean became a member of Bob Holland’s Vistage CE4104 in Pennsylvania. Dean is also a graduate of Vistage Chair Training.

Vistage International: A step above

Simply put, Vistage International is the world’s leading CEO membership organization. Like all Vistage Speakers, Dean has a wealth of experience and talent to support his presentations. When he talks, people listen. Audiences sense his authenticity and passion. Dean believes that everyone deserves to GET TO YES FASTER®, and, after hearing him speak, you and your group will too.

Globally recognized, Vistage International is a trusted company that brings together America’s most notable leaders in business. Vistage trains the very best to be even better. Alongside their selection of high caliber coaches, they represent a prestigious network of CEOs working at the top of their fields. An invaluable resource for the latest in best practices and industry innovation, Vistage Speakers like Dean offer audiences insider knowledge and priceless insight.

Choose Vistage speaker Dean Minuto

Whether you are a Vistage Chair with your own Groups, an association leader, or an executive looking for a world-class speaker for your event, there are myriad benefits to booking Dean. Here are just a few ways that he continues to inspires teams after 25 years as a sales coach and influence expert:

  • Trust: Recognized around the world for excellence in business and leadership, Vistage International Speakers like Dean are trusted by CEOs from all industries.
  • Quality: As a Vistage Speaker, Dean brings a stamp of approval that comes with elite training programs and networks available only to members.
  • Innovation: Dean stays up to date on the latest in business and sales best practices, theories, and studies through Vistage International.
  • Special: Bringing personal passion to all of his presentations, Dean continues to impress his Vistage International peers and colleagues with his deep knowledge and dynamic energy.

Give the gift of persuasion

Watching Dean move a room full of people like only he can do is nothing short of awe-inspiring. The only thing better, perhaps, is seeing the effect it has on your group’s ability to GET TO YES FASTER®. And this isn’t just about improving sales—though it will certainly do that! It’s ultimately about re-framing the way you relate to people.

Dean shares his special brand of persuasion in various forms. Hire him today as a keynote speaker, for a private workshop, or at an open event, and reap the limitless benefits. You’ll learn how to tackle problems, build long-term relationships with clients and colleagues, and feel confident getting to yes. Incredible things happen when teams are given the right tools for their job. What are you waiting for? Empower your team today with Dean’s infectious enthusiasm, dynamism, and real-world tools—skills that will increase everyone’s value, both individually and together as a whole.

And here’s the best news—Dean’s entire Award-winning Vistage Talk is available on video for you to present to your Members one Module at a time any day of any month—think of the power of being able to bring Dean’s message to your group in a month where you may not have a Speaker booked!

Your first step is to check out the calendar on this website, as Dean books up to a year in advance for speaking engagements.

And if you are a Vistage Chair with an “executive session” month—where you have no Speaker but would like to present terrific content and learning—consider taking advantage of Dean’s incredible new and continually updated Video Courses. Your Members can be exposed to the entire YESCALATE® program on a modular basis, the Basic Course is up to 3 hours of content broken down into 6 minute to 20 minute modules each with their own Personal Action Summary takeaways.

Your members will love the content and Dean’s delivery style—and you will love having a trusted resource providing exercises and take home value to your members in your non-Speaker months.

Book Dean as your Speaker today, or order the YESCALATE® video series today and help your members GET TO YES FASTER®!