2.7 min Video and Workshop Invite

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March 4th. March FORTH. This coming Monday is my favorite date in the calendar… because Life is Forward Motion and research shows that there is science to getting things in motion (click to watch).

From the video:

“SOMEONE’S BRAIN HAS TO DO THE WORK —either your brain before you engage, or the brain of the person with whom you are trying to engage. Someone has to think about “Where to START? What’s the SINGLE most important piece? And What is the SMALLEST minimum component?”

Want to make it EASY? Break it up.


  • This module is one of the 26 YESENTIALS® covered in the Award-Winning 3-hr YESCALATE® GET TO YES FASTER Workshop
  • MONDAY MARCH 4 is an Open Enrollment Workshop
  • ONLY 9 Seats Remain

With your success in mind,


Dean Minuto

Vistage Top Performer Award for 2021, 2022 and 2023

“I’m excited to share that I’ve been named a Top Performing Speaker by Vistage again for 2023. I’m especially proud of this accomplishment because it’s based on feedback from Vistage members that the insights and perspectives I’ve shared are valued. The top performer award has been presented annually to a select group of Vistage Speakers since 2021. My goal is to be useful and to help Vistage Members pursue BETTER– Better Leaders, Better Decisions, Better Results.”