Who do you need a yes from? Dean Minuto brings two and a half decades of invaluable sales experience, as well as influence and persuasion research, to you to help you and your Team Get to YES Faster™. Through his time-proven YESCALATE® system, he’s coached over 9,000 CEOs and their teams, led 550 workshops in the past 5 years alone, and inspired tens of thousands of people through his incredibly popular open events and workshops.

No matter what your specific needs are, Dean has a service to meet them. From books and videos to workshops and trainings, his unique approach is truly all-encompassing. Dean’s exclusive one-on-one coaching will help you become the leader you were born to be, while his keynote presentations will teach your company to master the art of persuasion. Follow up one of Dean’s game-changing speaking events by exploring more of the YESCALATE® system’s supportive tools. Resources like the YESCALATE® video series, The One-Page Sales Coach book with the OPSC® approach, and MAGNETS™ strategies will re-instill the core philosophies behind authentic connection and sales best practices so you and your team can GET TO YES FASTER®!

Using a foundation based in behavioral psychology and research, Dean is deeply passionate about teaching people to re-think their approach to people and persuasion. He’ll help you learn how to get to yes with anyone—and have fun doing it with integrity. Contact Dean today to make sure your future is filled with “yes” success!