When you need to influence someone, you are asking yourself questions about them, anticipating both your and their needs, and attempting to understand their psychology. They are also trying to understand you, and find ground to work together. With that in mind, it is important to ask: Who is Dean Minuto? Who is the man who is trying to help me get to yes? That’s a great question, and we’re glad you asked.


Dean has spent his professional life helping others understand the art of persuasion. He believes that at its heart, persuasion is communication, and too many of our misunderstandings come from miscommunication. Whether you are trying to persuade a recalcitrant client to make a buy or hoping to convince your children to work together cleaning up the backyard, the best way to communicate is through understanding. Dean wants to help get you there.

With 25 years of experience as a leading expert in sales, Dean has personally coached more than 9,000 CEOs, tens of thousands of other executives, and countless employees. He is a proud member of the world’s leading CEO membership organization, Vistage International. In June 2015, Dean was honored and humbled to be named Vistage’s 2015 Speaker of the Year. A natural stage presence and a commanding, friendly speaker, Dean doesn’t just rely on charisma to help people learn to take control of persuasion. He has a lifetime of sales experience augmented by a deep passion for multi-disciplinary research. He loves to weave neurobiology, sales techniques, marketing, history, psychology, and other sciences together in order to create a full tapestry of human behavior. It is only in understanding this that you can learn how to get to yes.
As a graduate of LeMoyne College with degrees in Marketing, Finance, and Philosophy, Dean went on to achieve professional certification in behavioral psychology and neuromarketing. He understands persuasion from all angles, and believes that success isn’t about a commission: it’s about making a difference. With his Yescalate® presentations, his book The One-Pages Sales Coach, his MAGNETS™, and his videos, Dean is bringing that learning, that passion, and that humanity to organizations around the country.