Philosophy. Marketing. Neuromarketing. Behavioral science. With Yescalate®, Dean Minuto brings a creative, thoughtful, interdisciplinary and wholly unique approach to sales and influence. Getting to yes means understanding both your audience and yourself. It means anticipating needs and desires, and knowing how you can work together to get an outcome that benefits everyone. It’s about understanding people. It’s about understanding our connections. It’s about getting to yes.

With this approach, based in science and business training and supported by real-world sales expertise, Dean has helped thousands of businesses, organizations, and institutions across the country. He has worked with businesses to transform their culture and with individuals to transform their lives. There are many ways to experience what the YESCALATE® program has to offer. Find the one that’s right for you!

Private Workshop/Keynote Speaker

Dean comes to your business or organization with a strategic selection of workshops, including keynote speeches, full-day workshops, and two-day events. His presentations empower your employees with lifelong skills they need to succeed. It isn’t just for sales: everyone in every department needs the science-backed skills to persuade others so that your business can progress. From the CEO to the first-day intern, these valuable workshops will help you change the culture of your workplace. They are based in centuries of research and are uniquely tailored for your organization.

One-on-One Coaching

CEOs have called it the most productive day of their career. Dean’s personalized coaching techniques are designed for you or your employees, in order to target the growth you are looking for and how to get there. Whether over-the-phone or in person, Dean’s private coaching helps you get to yes.


The Yescalate® experience when and where you need it. These videos are the distillation of Dean’s presentations. You see the full scope of all his stories, suggestions, and lessons. All the fun and liveliness of being at a talk is at your fingertips.

Contact us today to talk about arranging any of these services. We look forward to working with you!