Help Your Organization GET TO YES FASTER® With Dean Minuto’s Essential Private Workshops

Who is the most essential person you need to get to yes with right now? Throughout your organization, it’s imperative that employees at every level know how to GET TO YES FASTER®. Dean can bring your organization into the realm of the extraordinary with his private workshops and YESCALATE® system. Whether you’re the CEO or newest intern, Dean’s keynote presentations will teach your staff the essential skills they need to influence people. Take a moment to envision the impact of having an entire organization full of people who can seamlessly “get to yes” through authentic communication. Pretty unbelievable, right?

How YESCALATE® Works: Scientific Research, Behavioral Psychology, and Experience

150 years of scientific research can’t be wrong. With an emphasis on neuroscience and behavioral psychology, YESCALATE® was born from Dean’s wealth of science-based research combined with decades of experience as a sales and leadership expert. From the acronym MAGNETS to the one-page sales tool, Dean’s array of action-oriented tools teach anyone how to “get to yes.”

We know CEOs need support in guiding their employees to greatness. Through clear steps, YESCALATE® combines proven strategies for persuasion with practical explanations that help you understand the why’s and how’s behind the method. By empowering people with knowledge, rational thinking, and psychological tools, Dean enables companies and organizations to unleash the unlimited potential within every employee.

Why Private Workshops Matter for Your Company

In his revered private workshops, Dean delivers keynote speeches that energize, surprise, and educate your staff about the power of persuasion. As Vistage International’s “Speaker of the Year,” Dean has given award-winning presentations at hundreds of corporate events. His groundbreaking work continues to exceed already high expectations as he’s asked back time and again. The consummate keynote speaker, Dean tailors his speeches for individual audiences in order to best serve their unique needs and maintain the highest standards of authentic connection.

The YESCALATE® Promise from Dean Minuto

Dean Minuto has seen firsthand the power of YESCALATE® to change businesses — and lives. As a keynote speaker for your company, he offers a wealth of advantages.

  • With renowned professionalism, Dean has an unparalleled talent for engaging large and small audiences alike.
  • His strategic selection of workshops includes keynote speaking engagements, full-day workshops, and two-day courses.
  • Based on centuries of scientific research, the YESCALATE® system is filled with unique tools and original techniques that give your organization a significant edge over the competition.
  • Dean’s presentations empower your employees and colleagues with lifelong communication skills.
  • In addition to private workshops specific to one firm, Dean also offers open workshops available to anyone.
  • These relevant speeches are fun, lively, and packed with inspiration to energize your entire organization to GET TO YES FASTER® every time.  

Book Dean as a Keynote Speaker for your Private Event Today!

The question is simple. Can you afford to miss out on a chance to take your company to the next level through authentic connection? Dean’s in-demand private workshops are popular for good reason — book yours today and secure an opportunity to lead your company to “yes” success.