What if everyone in your entire business chain (your employees, association members, clients, suppliers, dealers, franchisees, resellers, and partners) were a master of getting to yes? Maybe you personally are in a slump, or maybe your entire organization is in a slump and numbers are dropping. Or maybe you are coming off a great year, but deep down you know you and your team could be performing better. The problem? You’re not quite sure how to optimize things. How do you bring out the best in yourself and your team—and maybe even establish yourself as a thought leader and gain more influence in your business? Every leader battles these questions at some point; ultimately, long-term professional success hinges on them. Consider hosting an open event with Dean Minuto for people who are critical to your business success—or attending an open event personally.

How open events change your company

Open events are open-to-the-public workshop events, generally a full day, that are offered around the country on a per attendee basis. These events are often hosted by an organization for a significantly lower cost than engaging Dean for a private workshop. By hosting one of these events in your city you can help your entire team and your key partners to make more of difference, and it will show your team that you are a thought leader. Because Dean’s a master at filling seats, an open event attracts new people to your organization, as you will receive name credit for hosting. Moreover, they’ll get an immediate sense of what you and your company stand for: strong values, authentic relationships, and community connection. These are the principles that Dean Minuto lives by. Hosting an open event with Dean will leave your business contacts feeling inspired and energized to do better, live bigger, and feel more fulfilled at work.

An experience like this creates a lasting impression on your peers, colleagues, clients, community leaders, and general public. An open event with Dean can be a true game-changer for your organization.

What Dean brings to the table

Dean’s open events offer the best of everything. You and your audience receive insider insight from a veteran sales expert, essential tools from Dean’s acclaimed YESCALATE® system, and a dynamic presentation from a revered Vistage speaker known for his ability to captivate leaders across America. This rousing event can be held you in your city and draw 50 – 500 people together to be moved and motivated. Open events let Dean offer your community his biggest gifts: sharing real-world persuasion skills and empowering people to GET TO YES FASTER®. Dean’s open events give audiences resources for success that last a lifetime.

  • Open events are open to the public—and are offered at a significant discount for individual attendees.
  • These events allow companies to send 1 person or 30 people at a lower cost than paying for Dean to travel to deliver a private workshop.
  • With his name, reputation as a speaker, and large network of contacts Dean pulls in a larger audience.
  • Having trained tens of thousands of professionals and coached over 9,000 CEOs and their teams in 25 years, Dean excels at reaching a wide range of personalities and professionals.
  • Dean always exceeds audience expectations and is frequently invited back to speak
  • The persuasion tools and philosophies he teaches will benefit everyone.
  • The YESCALATE® system offers a variety of resources for people to explore after the event.
  • As a Vistage Speaker and experienced presenter, Dean connects authentically with audiences of all kinds.
  • An open event with Dean can be both a wonderful learning opportunity for smaller firms or individuals to attend and a powerful marketing opportunity for those wishing to host the event that will cement your role as a community leader.

Reach your professional potential

Hosting an event with Dean will draw attendance from area executives, raise your and your organization’s profile in the community, and leave everyone with priceless tools to persuade through authentic connection. To increase your professional network, gain clients, and establish yourself as a community leader, check out Dean’s calendar online to view dates of upcoming open events or contact Dean today to attend or host an open event in a specific city—and inspire your entire business chain (your employees, association members, clients, suppliers, dealers, franchisees, resellers, and partners) to GET TO YES FASTER®.