Additional workshops to be scheduled soon – please check back!

Getting to yes means having the right attitude, the right knowledge, and being in the right place at the right time. The right place to be is at one of Dean Minuto’s Yescalate® events! Throughout the year, Dean gives talks to thousands of people at hundreds of events: private talks, one-on-one lectures, and large open workshops. It’s always a good time to see Dean and learn how to influence the people in your life, no matter your line of work.

The above calendar shows Dean’s upcoming schedule. If you are interested in seeing him speak, look for an open workshop in your city. Please feel free to use the contact form to the left to ask any questions about upcoming events. It would be great to see you in the audience.

We’d also love to see your name on our calendar! If you are interested in booking Dean at an event for your company, institution, or organization, please contact us immediately. We know that the YESCALATE® program can work with your team to achieve its goals by helping them get to yes. It’s a proven program that has changed the lives of thousands of people across the country by letting them understand how to influence people and how to effect a positive change in their lives. See what the program can do for you!