Who's Dean?

Dean Minuto is an award-winning speaker - most recently he won the Vistage Speaker of the Year Award. He’s a Sales Coach, and Mentor helping thousands of people get to Yes faster with his innovative program, YESCALATE®.

What's Yescalate®?

YESCALATE® is a 3-step process and a continually updated core curriculum from over 100 years of research in the decision sciences.

Where's Dean?

The right place to be is at one of Dean Minuto’s YESCALATE® events! Throughout the year, Dean gives talks to thousands of people at hundreds of events.

What if you had a scientifically proven, 3-word checklist to accelerate decisions?

What if you had seven simple strategies to trigger yes decisions in an honest and ethical way?

What if you had a tool you could use, even on the back of a bar napkin, to get more of the yeses you need?

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