INVITE: SUMMER Deep Dive with Dino, Learning and Earning.

Deep Dive, 3 hour live Workshop with Dean Minuto

Starting Different™ Brain Essentials


First Workshop in Summer Series 

Thursday, July 9th from 1pm EST to 4pm EST

Invite from Dino:
“This is a series of 3 hr YESCALATE® live workshops for my clients and Vistage Members who want their Teams to see the updated Half-Day version of YESCALATE® GET TO YES FASTER® which received the Vistage Speaker of the Year Award. I deliver these limited attendee workshops at various times each summer to allow for personal interaction and follow up, and limit attendance to 20 participants. Last week’s Vistage Groups have first dibs on registration– the fee is $495 per participant or $8750 if a single firm would like to book a private version or a series of Keynotes over the web, for as many people as you would like.”
LEARNING is the seed of EARNING

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VIDEO! Well, on a bad day… You can still do these 3 things

“Have mercy baby, I am descending again…”
When I feel myself sinking, 
I look in the mirror and ask myself:
“Who can I DO SOMETHING FOR today?”

What can I do that is Quadrant 1…

High Gain and Low Pain

There are ALWAYS 3 LITTLE THINGS that are BIG THINGS that I can do for my friends…
“Daddy, the little things are the big things when the big thing is LOVE” – so said Devon (Birdie) at 5 years old.
Make a Recommendation, Make an Introduction, Pay a Compliment

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I honestly didn’t know what to do…

I thought about cancelling.  I mean, that’s always an option– just giving up. Send out a note, that says:
“This week gutted me, I’m overwhelmed.”

What possible difference can one Speaker cancelling one Webcast make, right? I mean really, in the midst of ALL THIS…
I honestly didn’t know what to do.
So I did what most guys of a certain age do– especially most Italian guys of exactly my age– I lit up a cigar and I went for walk… and I prayed.  And when I was done praying, I just listened. 
And I heard the voices of the great friends I have interviewed over the last ten weeks… all experts that I love, who can make a difference in times of change and disruption.

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VIDEO: Your Strategic Plan in 8 Questions…and Invite for Friday with C-Mack

Here is the video of last week’s conversation with one of the most effective people I’ve ever met– he offers you a free PDF of his book… which applies to you personally as well as to your business.. Fast Track Strategic Planning by John Dame, Vistage Chair
Push a Button and CONNECT WITH YOUR PURPOSE: Starting Different™ Dean Minuto interviews John Dame
Starting Different™ Dean Minuto interviews John Dame
This coming Friday’s webcast asks you to consider this question: 
WHAT IF THERE WAS A BUTTON you could push to CONNECT with YOUR DREAM Clients and Career using LinkedIn?
 …you’d HIT THAT BUTTON, right?
The clients of your dreams, the career of your dreams, the connections of your dreams– I am thinking there is a 100% likelihood they are hidden somewhere in that icon on your screen called LinkedIn. 

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A Strategic Plan in 8 Questions?

You could get 90% of the benefits of normal Strategic Planning in less than 10% of the time… AND begin executing on your Plan with your Team immediately.
John Dame coached one firm to do this on their path to change the lives of 50,000 people a day… another who grew from $40 million to $100 million in 5 years… and a third company that went from an installed service base of 300 corporate accounts to over 1,000 in a very short period of time.
REGISTER NOW SO YOU CAN JOIN US for a live Starting Different™
webcast* Friday as I will be in conversation with one of my best friends John Dame.

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YES! See Dino’s friend Colt on ELLEN tomorrow!

Check your Local Listings…
Because my friend Colt  Clark (who I told you about in my email back on April  12 and copied below) and his kids will be on the ELLEN show tomorrow!

Just a few highlights of the Colt and the Kids last 50 days…
  • The Virtual Tip Jar I set up for Colt has $27,110 in it already (and thank you to those of you found Joy in Colt and the Quarantine Kids videos and gave something personally);
  • Colt has taught his kids a new song each day— recorded it that day, and put them up on FaceBook and YouTube;
  • Many of those videos have gone viral– one reaching 10 million views;
  • Personal notes have been sent to Colt and the Kids from Mickey Dolenz (of the Monkees) and Pete Townshend (of the Who);
  • And he has received notes from all over the World– from Bolivia to Vancouver, from Texas to the UK– from folks who wanted to thank Colt and his kids for bringing THEM and THEIR KIDS some joy during a time when they needed it;
  • One gentlemen referred to them as “an American National Treasure”.
Check out one of the songs that went viral here:
Colt Clark and the Quarantine Kids play
Colt Clark and the Quarantine Kids play “Come Together”
Here is the email I sent out to my contacts in April…

“The little things are the big things, 
when the big thing is love.“–Dean Minuto 
That is the mustard seed. If you know the parable?
— Or as my Devon called it “the ketchup nut”– 
(but that’s a story for another day)
Someone needs to hear from you.
It is how we manifest LOVE in this world.
And it is how we are all going to get through this.

Maybe you can share this video with them?

I am fairly certain that this video will give you Joy– 
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When he says, “It’s a Big Deal, Dino…”

I love when John Dame says, “It’s a Big Deal, Dino.”
Because it means he sees that I have connected with my True North (in his words). Connected with my Purpose.
…you’d HIT THAT BUTTON, right?
You can make a difference AND make a living, when you live and work connected with your purpose. John Dame has done it– and for over a decade has helped other CEOs and their Teams do the same.

REGISTER NOW SO YOU CAN JOIN US for a live Starting Different™
webcast* Friday as I will be in conversation with one of my best friends John Dame.

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2 VIDEOS! Enough (of this s#it). GET YOUR CONQUER ON.

At some point you are going to face something that wants to completely crush you. (You might be facing it right now.)

Whether it’s a Brain Stroke or Russia that is trying to destroy you– there is  story there… that story can change you and it can also change the world if you are willing to share it. 

In the words of Rabbi Steve Leder, “We all walk through Hell, the point is to not come out empty handed.” 

(Now THAT is a great quote– get out a pen and write that one down.)

Check out the video we just uploaded of my conversation today with Kirby Martzall– every single time I talk to Kirby his insights blow my mind… this is a guy who basically said to a massive brain stroke, “Yeah, I see what you’ve done to me— now let me show you what I am going to do with it.

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Notice… look closely…

Notice… look closely and you begin to notice the Patterns and Possibility in every day (in every situation, in every life). 

Patterns and Possibility are separate things. 
Never confuse the two. 

Look for the Patterns– the human brain is always looking for patterns.  See the Possibility– info gets to your brain 30x faster through the eyes than through the ears. 

1. What IS? (What do you know? What don’t you know?)
2. So What? (What do you want? What do you fear?)
3. What’s Next? (What are you going to do? What will you ask others to do?)

Some Scenarios are more PROBABLE than others. 
Advance, ever Onward.
Cautious but Confident.
Each Day, Better.

Register Now if you would like to join me and my friend Kirby Martzall on today’s webcast at 1PM EST as we discuss. 

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His answer changed my life…

If you’re lucky, maybe once or twice in your life, you’re going to encounter an idea so powerful in its implication that it changes everything you do– and fundamentally changes the way you think.
Some of us are Seekers of such ideas.
On the morning of Tuesday, Oct 8th, 2019 at a CEO EVENT I greeted my friend Kirby Martzall and asked him a question… Kirby has been a professional musician for decades and for 17 years has been a Vistage CEO Chair– coaching dozens of executives every month… and that morning I asked what it had been like for him to try and play the guitar again after surviving and recovering from a brain shattering stroke–

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