The Brain Science of ENGAGEMENT. (VIDEO: Personal, Business and Team Engagement)


New Workshop Video!


 Let’s Pursue Better Together


3 Ways

1-Personal 2-Business 3-Team

The Science behind how we become better and a System to optimize engagement with our clients (face-to-face Sales), with our Team (side-by-side Coaching) and with ourselves (self improvement).
“If you’ve heard me present in the past, I ask you to listen with new ears, because I guarantee that I am speaking with a new tongue.”—Dean Minuto.
This Workshop was presented this week to assist PCCA’s Members in their efforts to engage lawmakers so they can continue to make a difference on the lives of patients across the US. PCCA has been a client of Dean’s for more than 13 years—and this year PCCA has invited Dean to contribute not only at their ACT Conference (this virtual session) but also their milestone International Event (on the main stage).
YESCALATE® is how we pursue better together—a performance optimization system focused on the three E’s: Expansion and Efficiency through ENGAGEMENT (Personal, Business and Team Engagement)—based on Brain Science to GET TO YES FASTER® and make more of a difference in your world.
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