“Compared to WHAT?”

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“Compared to WHAT?”

Research shows that we can change how someone feels about anything based on what we give them to feel before that thing.

(Perceptual Contrast is the Scientific Term—discussed in the 2.7min YESENTIALS® Explainer Video above…it’s often referred to as “framing”.)

Because: Nothing “is”. Everything is “what we compare it to.”

  • Is something “expensive”? (or is it “cheap”)
  • Is it “new”? (or old)
  • Is it “easy”? (or difficult)

Is someone “fit”? Are they “beautiful”? Is their boat “big”? (I learned in the Hamptons last summer… “Someone’s always got a BIGGER BOAT.”)

The only answer is “Compared to WHAT?”   

Before we go into any meeting where our goal is to engage, to get a yes, the two questions you and your Team should consider asking are:

1.     What do you want them to FEEL? …about YOU, about YOUR FIRM, about your REQUEST or your PROPOSAL…

2.     What will you structure for them to feel BEFORE THAT?

It is up to you to create the Framing.

Yeah? BAM!

This is a big one.

This concept was first illustrated in the 17th century by a Scientist (John Locke) using three buckets of water… (watch video above for more)

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