HOW TO RESET the BS Button…when you Notice yourself being Triggered.

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How to Hit RESET on the BS

Eliminate Stress in 30 Seconds

There is a BS button in the brain– by BS I mean BRAIN SCIENCE.

That button controls the part of your brain that releases chemicals.

New research shows us how to stop the release of stress and anxiety chemicals –  by pushing a reset button in the brain. 

Anytime you feel triggered you can transform how you feel in 30 seconds.

I’m not predicting you MIGHT GET TRIGGERED over the Holidays– I am saying you WILL. Multiple times.

When you NOTICE yourself being triggered, you can create a space to retreat and relax so you are not captured by stress chemicals.

My dear friend, Dr Bill Crawford teaches a simple model we can use–

it changed my life, and it can change yours too.

Dr Bill’s 5-step process includes this powerful question

“What would you tell someone you love… if THEY were in the situation you’re in?” 

As Dr. Bill said to me years ago:

“Many of us treat those we love better than we do ourselves.”

Yeah? Does that resonate with you, too? Bam.

“Start treating yourself as if you are someone you love.”

“Allow yourself the same grace you give those you love.”

Want to see the model that explains how to change your brain chemistry in less than thirty seconds? Pull out a pen and piece of paper and let me share it with you in the video which I put together last year with my own take on the model–


There is a non-zero likelihood that the Holidays will present multiple opportunities when you will find yourself being triggered by someone or something…

And you have more power than you think to reset your brain.

A useful addition to your toolkit this year might be:

Dr Bill Crawford’s


Crawford’s book is available on Amazon with the link above.

The audio version is excellent– it feels to me like I am back in one of Dr Bill’s workshops and he is talking to me.

Talking about how to create a space that allows us to live with purpose and not get hijacked by something or someone in the environment that is triggering us.

That is a message worth hearing and worth sharing, a message that the world needs now. 

With your success in mind,


Dean Minuto

Vistage Speaker of the Year 2014/15

Vistage Top Performer Award for 2021 and 2022

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