(Tiny Steps) What Dr Fogg Knows about February

I think you will find the WSJ article “On the Journey to New Habits” from Dr Fogg (yup, real name) Founder and Director of the Behavior Design Lab at Stanford University to be incredibly timely (welcome to the New Year), strategic (the importance of “habits” and “prods”) and simple— 

Here are Dr Fogg’s 4 Steps (after testing the approach with 40,000 people):
  1. BEGIN WITH DESIRE– YOUR WHY. First, don’t think you have to create motivation. Choose habits that you already are eager to adopt. 
  2. GO TINY– YOUR WHAT.  Second, go tiny. Why? Small is successful and sustainable because it is simpler.
  3. BUMP INTO IT– YOUR HOW. Next, design a prompt. We respond almost automatically to hundreds of behavior prompts each day that we barely notice (for instance, when you feel a few drops of rain on your arm, you open your umbrella); no behavior happens without some kind of prompt.
  4. HAVE FUN–YOUR “HELL, YES!”  As you try each new habit, celebrate immediately.
Here is the link to the full WSJ Article online.


 Suggestions Checklist for Your Use

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  • (At your leisure) Review the agenda and Register your Team for a February YESCALATE® Workshop
What Dr Fogg knows about February is that “The new year is an ideal time to observe how people try to change their own behavior. Upsurges of enthusiasm in early January are generally followed by flagging commitment in February.”


With your success in mind,


       Dean Minuto