“Chunk your Ask…” (This Week.)

Use Brain Science to GET TO YES FASTER® 
Because the Brain is Predictable.
People often choose SAFE over RISKY.
and large commitments imply RISK.
Instead of asking for something big
break the ask up into a series 
of smaller commitments.


Think about the people you need a YES from:
What are the first three things they have to do?
How can we get them in Motion?

One of the most successful political campaigns in history
did not ask for a vote for a specific candidate.

It asked voters to take out a pen and paper and
“Write down WHAT TIME you are going to vote…
…and write down HOW YOU’LL GET THERE.

A series of small commitments.
Because a thing in MOTION stays in motion.

Psychologists refer to the Cognitive Bias 
of Commitment and Consistency.

Productivity Experts tell us to “chunk down” the task.

So remind yourself to “Chunk Down the Ask.”

Break it up into a series of smaller asks.
Start Small. But START.


Review the Week’s YESENTIALS™ Lesson with your Team
  • In 10 Minutes on Monday, run a Drill-for-Skill around this Lesson 
  • Board a summary note where everyone on your Team can see it 
  • (on your “Did Well Wall”)
  • Play the video — this week it is Tip 2 “Break it up.”
  • Board Examples of the Tip in Practice this week…
  • Take 10 Minutes on Friday to run a Round-Table Review and Summarize the Wall
In doing so you are applying three of the most 
powerful triggers from Brain Science…
These are essential to GET TO YES FASTER®.
There are more than fifty YESENTIALS™
that I partner with client Teams to optimize.
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YESCALATE® Workshop or Webinar for Your Group

What is essential to build a high-performance culture?
Purpose. Behaviors. Essentials.
Define the YESENTIALS™
With your success in mind,