Wanna get better at this…? (a gift to get you started!)

I was thinking about our “craft“… for all of us…
and how we get to Mastery around what we do.
And the math is simple enough:
Improve 1% a dayin 70 days you are twice as good.
If that’s too fast for you…
Then just improve 1% a week, and in 
70 weeks you are twice as good.
So the question is where is your next 1% coming from?
Where is your Team’s next 1% coming from?
How will you (every day, in every way) 
get better at your YES-CRAFT?

What if you start with a single tool– just start with LinkedIn.
Because I am thinking that most (all) of us 
know we could be better at using just that One Tool….
A tool that should be part of your Core Body of Knowledge.
I believe that developing a mastery around using LinkedIn
should be part of all of our “craft”.
In my mind, equally important as “the skills for getting to YES” 
are “the tools” we use to do so.
More and more I am convinced that a core competency 
for all of us PERSONALLY is the use of LinkedIn.
An “all-the-time” tool for meeting the right peoplestaying connected, and contributing to their success–  
Rather than an “oh-damn-I’m-out-of-a-job” thing…
 … for anyone in business (certainly anyone at an executive level, 
or who aspires to be).
My friend Colleen McKenna is one of the top LinkedIn instructors and consultants–
And Colleen has offered me a handful of free subscriptions 
to her online training course.
One of the free 250 subscriptions can be for your use.
Would you like to improve your mastery of LinkedIn?
Do you think you can get 1% better at your craft by using LinkedIn?
I know that I can.
I secured a subscription for myself and one for my Executive Assistant Sara (as well as one for my daughter, because Devon–my Birdie– knows that developing mastery around LinkedIn will be another way to set her apart from the average MBA graduate–  a critical skill in her tool-kit and a massive help in her finding the next jobs she wants.)
To be selfish, I hit them first, and a handful of my best clients…
So please log on today or tomorrow— to secure your free subscription
— you don’t need to dive into the course yet. 
But, with this email I am offering the free training course to my 9,000+ contact base.
(In the off chance that you can’t get to it today or tomorrow
let me know if you find the 250 are gone.)
If you haven’t already–  please connect with me on LinkedIn!
With your success in mind,

       Dean Minuto