2.7 min Video and Workshop Invite

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March 4th. March FORTH. This coming Monday is my favorite date in the calendar… because Life is Forward Motion and research shows that there is science to getting things in motion (click to watch).

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“Compared to WHAT?”

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“Compared to WHAT?”

Research shows that we can change how someone feels about anything based on what we give them to feel before that thing.

(Perceptual Contrast is the Scientific Term—discussed in the 2.7min YESENTIALS® Explainer Video above…it’s often referred to as “framing”.)

Because: Nothing “is”. Everything is “what we compare it to.”

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The One Question

The One Question* Research Shows Gets More YES

Bottom Line Up-Front (BLUF): there’s a direct correlation between the amount of time people take to answer this one question and the probability of them saying yes to us. 

Research shows asking this one question* at the start of a meeting irrespective of your industry or function results in more engagement. Continue reading

HOW TO RESET the BS Button…when you Notice yourself being Triggered.

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How to Hit RESET on the BS

Eliminate Stress in 30 Seconds

There is a BS button in the brain– by BS I mean BRAIN SCIENCE.

That button controls the part of your brain that releases chemicals.

New research shows us how to stop the release of stress and anxiety chemicals –  by pushing a reset button in the brain. 

Anytime you feel triggered you can transform how you feel in 30 seconds.

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Estrangement and the Holidays.

Estrangement and the Holidays

The Hidden Topics of Inclusion.

Percent of people 15 – 46 yrs. old reporting “estrangement from their parents”–

  • 27.74% Female
  • 24.33% Male 

Hold those numbers in your mind for a moment.

1 out of 4 people.

*Data from a 2018 Study before three years of “lockdown” magnified mental health issues and before the rise of “performative” social media streams designed to alienate and enrage.

Now add to that mix the Holidays.

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“You better get it right.”– General Jeffrey Foley, “ON TRANSITIONS”

Creating a Space for Success to Happen.
General Jeffrey Foley, “ON TRANSITIONS”

March 4th “March Forth!” 1 Min VIDEO (MOTION… a thing in motion, stays in motion)

March 4th is my favorite day of the year–
the date itself is a command:
A REMINDER of what scientists have known for centuries… a thing in motion, stays in motion
And small improvements add up over time*
Every day is an opportunity for you and your Team to be Starting Different® 
MOTION is the “M” in the SMART™ Model
The science of building relationships that matter   Continue reading