…our Article this week A WOLF IS A WOLF discussed the “rush response” that keeps wolves alive and also the “cognitive bias” that humans have to process visuals faster than words.  ///read full article ///
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Our brains are wired to respond to stimuli in specific ways.
Sunday Musing: 
We are what we are.
Gregg Allman, my all-time favorite singer, would have turned 70 this weekend. 
I was lucky enough to meet him in a hotel bar in New Jersey after a concert when I was 18 or 19.  

It was the year he released “I’m No Angel” (one of only two hits he had as a solo artist, the other being a version of “Midnight Rider”), this would have been 1987. 
Gregg was standing at the bar with a drop-dead beautiful, red-headed woman…
… and thinking back on it now, 30 years later, I am pretty sure he was thinking of better ways to spend the evening than having a teenage kid interrupt the two of them. 
But I walked up, tapped him on the shoulder and said: 
“Excuse me, Mr. Allman? I’m Dean Minuto. I’m sorry to interrupt. I just want to thank you, sir, for all the joy your singing has given me and my family all these years.” 
And then I just stood there. 
After a moment of awkward silence 
between the three of us, Gregg smiled 
and laughed and said: 
“Thank you, Dean. Would you like an autograph?”
“Uhhmmm HELL YES, I would, sir.” 
Is what I remember saying 
before I walked away leaving them to enjoy 
their private conversation in peace. 
I was just a rock’n’roll kid, doing what a rock’n’roll kid does when he meets his favorite Rock Star.
And you know what?  
Gregg was totally cool about it
I mean, he was Gregg Allman– and this is what he signed up for, right?
And he understood the nature of his fans.
Years later, when Gregg published his autobiography My Cross to Bear he wrote that at some point in each of his marriages (there were 7 before he passed in May), each one of his wives decided that he needed to be something other than who he was.  And he told them, basically: 
“You were in The Gregg Allman Aisle of the store when you found me.” 
Gregg Allman was pretty clear about who he was.
Scientists who study wolves say: a wolf is not ever going to be a dog.

And the more we understand about the nature of our clients– and the “cognitive biases” that people use to make decisions the more likely we will be to GET TO YES FASTER®

I would love to share with your Team what science tells about how to help people decide faster–and help them to apply the science to optimize your business results.