YES-CRAFT One Minute Lesson: What’s The Difference?

The brain is the survival organ in your body.
The brain’s primary purpose is to keep you alive.
The brain is constantly scanning the environment for threats.

Any change (any DELTA) in the environment triggers the brain to be active to pay attention…

Because a change can mean danger.

ONE DECISION people can make is to FREEZE.
Every person you want to influence pays attention to change.
Every person you want a yes from this week is looking to know what will change in their world if they say yes to you….
And they are asking: “Is that change RISKY to me?”
How quickly can you show people the difference you can create in their world?
How is what you are asking them to do different from them doing nothing?
And most importantly: Are they safe doing this with you?
Success in selling is not about making a commission.
Success in selling is about making a difference.