…our Article this week A WOLF IS A WOLF discussed the “rush response” that keeps wolves alive and also the “cognitive bias” that humans have to process visuals faster than words.  ///read full article ///
(watch 8-min Video for your Team on humans’ bias for visuals)
Our brains are wired to respond to stimuli in specific ways.
Sunday Musing: 
We are what we are.
Gregg Allman, my all-time favorite singer, would have turned 70 this weekend. 
I was lucky enough to meet him in a hotel bar in New Jersey after a concert when I was 18 or 19.  


SCIENTIST: “Don’t ever run from wolves.”
DEAN: “Their response will disappoint you.”
Biologists know something about wolves’ brains that is consistent with what Psychologists know about human’s brains: we are what we are.
Our brains are wired to respond to stimuli in specific ways.

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You Want Proof: “An OSCAR and the Bartender’s TIP CUP.”

unnamedPeople want Proof.
What is an Oscar award this evening worth to an actor? (MILLIONS.)
(What is JUST BEING NOMINATED worth to them? Some studies say an actor’s salary can double and a movie’s box office take can as well.)
Why? Because more people will go see the movie AFTER it receives the nod from the Academy.
A third-party endorsement is a worth a lot because it eliminates our perceived risk.
“If THEY say it is good it MUST be.”
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