“Can’t you SEE? Stop Saying, Start Showing.” (Week 7)


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LESSON: “A Picture is Worth…?” 


… a thousand words?

 … or is it really ten thousand words?

  … one scientist claims one million (seriously?)


Another researcher wrote that:

“A picture is worth exactly 84.1 words…”

But he was documenting the least number

of words it took to explain a single simple diagram.

(I’m pretty sure he was an engineer!)


Look, who cares what the exact number is…


The bottom line is that you know this:

The fastest way for YOU (and your Team)

to get your message into someone’s brain

is through their eyes.

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“Where’s your Diploma? Show me, please.” (Week Six)

Your Application Exercise this week is taken 
from the YESCALATE® Full Day Workshop
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Exercise is 5 below, on Building Your 3D Diploma™
1-min Video on Your DIPLOMA
Why does a Doctor hang a Diploma in the exam room? (1-min Video)
(Brain science explains why you should, too)
Is it because she forgets where she went to school?
The diploma is there for YOU, the patient.
Doctors are building a perception of

their trustworthiness in advance.

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“What’s your Proof?” (Week Five)

Your training exercise this week is taken from
(See Exercise 7 below, on building Client Testimonials)
1-min Video on EVIDENCE
Why does a Bartender put out a “Tip Cup”? (1-min Video)
Why did McDonald’s say, “Billions Served”? (2-min Video)
Because people want EVIDENCE.
They look for PROOF of what OTHERS have done.
Your clients have three choices:
Should they 1) choose you, 2) your competitor,
or 3) simply do nothing?
Before they choose, they look for shortcuts to 
make that choice– and one of the first shortcuts
is the question: “What have OTHERS chosen?”

Your 12 Week Sales Plan: Week 4 “What’s the Difference?”

Week Four focus on THE DELTA with your Team.
(More on DELTA and DIFFERENCE below.)

Question for the Week:
“How can your Team show clients THE DELTA LINE 
between their PROBLEMS and your SOLUTIONS 
in 3D: Dollars, Data, Delta?”
The YESCALATE® One-Page Sales Coach® model 
gives your Teams a toolkit* and a language to speak to
describe your firm’s consultative process of engaging customers.

With tools so easy to use we can lay them out on the 
back of a bar napkin…

Your 12 Week Sales Plan: Week 3 “A thing in Motion tends to…”

For you and your Team 
12 Week Sales Plan to GET TO YES FASTER®
Week Three focus on MOTION with your Clients.
YESCALATE® Tip # 17 “A Thing in Motion…?”
We know from science that:
A thing in motion tends to stay in motion.
This holds true with decision-making:
A decision made is likely to be continued.
Because people feel pressure to be
consistent with decisions they make.
Small decisions feel safer than big decisions.
And breaking the commitment into
a series of smaller commitments
is a best practice.
This has been referred to as
creating a YES momentum.
What series of commitments can
you structure for clients?
How small can they start to get moving?

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London Calling… 12 Week Plan: Who’s YOUR Speaker?

Heading to London tonight to 
Keynote for Vistage UK (details below)
Because I love being your Speaker–
(and would be honored to be asked to 
present for your Group or Event this year)
I am customizing for you and your Team this
12 Week Plan to GET TO YES FASTER®
You can roll it out as slow or as fast as you want…
At the end of the 12 weeks we will provide you
a link to all 12 weeks of training tips together.
I envision it as a Sales Quarter of Training Content
to help you optimize your sales results.
Week One (last week) asked you to take a 
look in the Magic Sales Mirror
(Click to Read and Share with your Team)

Week Two (starts now) with this 
One Minute Video on Framing

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“Applied Curiosity” Top 4 Best Practices

Top 4 Best Practices 
to Apply Curiosity to Your Sales Success 
JOE: “Clarity comes from Curiosity.”
“Joey, THAT’S the title of your book.”


Yesterday, my mentor Joe and I were on the phone
sharing our learning’s from the past week
and Joe said the most amazing thing:
“Clarity comes from Curiosity.”

That moment when you hear Truth.

As Joe and I talked more we realized that 

every top salesperson we know 
every wildly successful entrepreneur we know
have one thing in common–
they are incredibly Curious.

They are driven to seek the answers 
to an unending series of 
“Why…?” and “How…?”  and “What if…” questions.

Here are 4 Best Practices you can use 
to apply curiosity to generate higher sales volumes 
and make more of a difference for your customers:

You Don’t Get What You Deserve.

You Get What You Accept.

Video Lesson: MAPS to GET TO YES FASTER®


If you missed Last Week’s Webinar

Part 1 of 2: YESCALATE® with Dean Minuto

The 90-Minute Part 1 webinar was recorded 
and access is now available for purchase
at the bottom of today’s email.

Quick Tip and Video: 
What are your MAPS? (4 examples in Video)  
What Do You Accept?
…what are the MAPS that guide you?

“MAPS” as in 

Two days ago, on the phone, a friend said 
“We get what we Deserve.”

And I disagreed.
That’s the best part about having
Vistage Speakers, Members and Chairs 
as friends …
We can respectfully disagree…
… and both learn from the dialogue.