What Have Other’s Done?

Email Tip from Dino

 Show them what is expected.

You need to get to yes with people.
Maybe your team.
Maybe a client.
You want us to “do something”. 
To try something new. To make a Change.
The decision would be easier for us if…
You showed us what others have already done.

We look for shortcuts.
We look for patterns.
We look for “evidence” of what “others” have done.
You know…. Like that Tip Cup on the bar…
Bartender comes on her shift…
she puts an empty cup on the bar and then …
“seeds” it with some money….
She is telling clients from that point on what is expected.
She is providing us EVIDENCE of what others have done.
She is telling us what to do next.

This applies to YOUR INDUSTRY too.
Ask yourself in every situation:
1) what do I want them to do next?
2) can I show them what OTHERS have done before them?
I am a student of YES.
The craft of building yeses is what I teach.
EVIDENCE is one of 7 Strategies in my course.
And the Tip Cup is one of 58 thought exercises attendees can apply
3 Best Practices for You to Remember and Apply:
When we are in an uncertain situation we feel at risk.
We look for evidence of what will reduce our risk.
We see EVIDENCE in what numbers of others have done before us.
With your success in mind,