“Can’t you SEE? Stop Saying, Start Showing.” (Week 7)


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From my book and Workshop.


LESSON: “A Picture is Worth…?” 


… a thousand words?

 … or is it really ten thousand words?

  … one scientist claims one million (seriously?)


Another researcher wrote that:

“A picture is worth exactly 84.1 words…”

But he was documenting the least number

of words it took to explain a single simple diagram.

(I’m pretty sure he was an engineer!)


Look, who cares what the exact number is…


The bottom line is that you know this:

The fastest way for YOU (and your Team)

to get your message into someone’s brain

is through their eyes.


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Application Exercise 2 below, on Making Your Message Visual


In next month’s YESCALATE® Workshops

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we will…

  1. Review the research on WHY visuals are important;
  2. Discuss 6 ideas for HOW to improve your messages
    • (in your presentations, your phone calls, your demos, your website);
  3. Outline WHAT 5 steps you and your Team can take this month; and finally
  4. Summarize all of the above with videos for your review following the Workshop.


So that you and your Team can GET TO YES FASTER®.


Let’s begin with some review…

Who do you need to persuade

in the coming weeks?


Stop right now and ask yourself:

“How visual is my message?”






The VIDEO icon you see above

is part of a three word checklist

you recall from my book and workshop:


The word we say as “video” is actually

an ancient word, and in Latin dictionaries it is

defined as a verb meaning

“to see, to perceive, to understand“. 


We have all heard the phrase

“A picture is worth a thousand words,” and

we know that when someone says to us

“Oh, I see,” we recognize that they are

really saying, “I understand.”


What the ancients knew about “seeing” is proven

by the research from modern decision science-

Remember the brain’s job is to keep you alive.


When it comes to your survival,

your eyes are critically important;

our most important sense for survival is sight.


Research indicates that 80 to 90 percent of

all brain activity is the brain processing

stimuli presented by the eyes.


Similar research suggests that information

gets to the brain thirty times faster

through the eyes than through the ears.


How can you make your message more visual?

(By the way, you can even do it over the phone.)


There are six simple ways for you

to make your messages more visual…

But let’s save that for a Webinar for your Team

or a Workshop, OK?


I hope you find these review lessons of value–


And again, if I might ask, 

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