“Your Brain has a BS Button.” (Week 8)


YESCALATE® Tip # 8 “SUPPLY” Triggers the BS Button
Your Application Exercise for Week 8 is taken 
from the YESCALATE® Full Day Workshop 
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LESSON: “The Brain has a BS Button.” 
How can you set deadlines for people 
without triggering their BS Button?
Your Brain on a Deadline
Certain messages trigger our brain to say: 
“That’s just BS.”
Scientists refer to the potential of 
“scarcity messages” to trigger us negatively.
Some examples…
“Time is running out…!” (Yells the web ad.)
“We only have 10 of these left…!”
(Claims the huckster who has a warehouse full.)
A really powerful one is:
“The Deadline for Filing is April 15th…!”
(Yup, that one works! But why…?)
One of the fastest ways to trigger someone’s brain 
…because people pay more attention to 
what they might LOSE than they do 
to what they might GAIN.
Decisions and Deadlines. 
The “Fear of Missing Out” is very real.
(Check out a teenager’s brain on social media crack.)
Researchers in the decision sciences have shown:
People make faster decisions when avoiding a risk;
(the true threat of penalties, financial loss, or exclusion).
People make comparatively slower decisions when
seeking a reward;
(the potential offer of personal gainprofit, or inclusion).
“Supply” is 1 of 7 Strategies from the YESCALATE® Course
(The MAGNETS™ cards will help you attract a yes faster.)
Studies indicate that Risk can be twice as powerful 
a motivator as Reward.
Research shows that people look for clues
(I refer to them in my course as “Brain Whispers”)
to whether they should take action now.
Humans have ingrained cognitive bias towards
limited numbers, deadlines, and penalties.
If you consider that fact, many of you would
rewrite your messages, your proposals, 
and your presentations today.
Because most of your messages (marketing or otherwise)
are gain messages not loss messages.
But it’s “BS” if there’s no “BECAUSE”.
The word “because” is a trigger word-
“because” says “you have a valid reason.”
Remember when you asked 
your Mom for something
and she said “No”?
You then whined out some form of
And all my Mom had to do was say “BECAUSE.”
OK, some of you had Moms who said:
“Because I said so.”
But the point is this:
Once Mom gave you the “Because”
the argument was over. 
The principle applies to you in business today.

Application Exercise on Setting Deadlines

In next month’s YESCALATE® Workshops
we will brainstorm these four application questions:
  1. Who do you need a YES from in the coming week or month?
  2. What are the inherent Supply Limits in the situation?
  3. What is your “BECAUSE” for each Supply Limit? 
  4. Who is the Third-Party creating the Supply Limit?
so that you and your Team can GET TO YES FASTER®.
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to help you optimize your sales results
(we cover all of these in our full-day workshops):
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With your success in mind,