Your 12 Week Sales Plan: Week 4 “What’s the Difference?”

Week Four focus on THE DELTA with your Team.
(More on DELTA and DIFFERENCE below.)

Question for the Week:
“How can your Team show clients THE DELTA LINE 
between their PROBLEMS and your SOLUTIONS 
in 3D: Dollars, Data, Delta?”

The YESCALATE® One-Page Sales Coach® model 
gives your Teams a toolkit* and a language to speak to
describe your firm’s consultative process of engaging customers.

With tools so easy to use we can lay them out on the 
back of a bar napkin…

In my experience clients that work with me to
customize the models and coach their Team on them 
for a 12 Week Program of Training and Consulting
achieve a 30-70% increase in their revenue contribution 
within a year.

(If you’d like schedule a web call click to send an email–
We can review the YESCALATE® System and discuss 
its customization for your Sales Team.) 
Your client’s brain is the survival organ in their body.
Their brain’s primary purpose is to KEEP THEM ALIVE.
The brain is constantly scanning the environment for threats.
Any change in the environment triggers the brain to be active
to pay attention.

Because a change can mean danger.
Every person you want to influence pays attention to change.
Change, difference– what was called “Delta” in math class.
Every person you want a yes from is looking to see
what will change in their world if they say yes to you.
How quickly can you show people the difference you can create in their world?
How big a difference is there in the “Before” and “After”?
How is what you are asking them to do different from them doing nothing?
Success in selling is not about making a commission.

Success in selling is about making a difference.

YESCALATE® Quick Tip 11
YESCALATE® Quick Tip 11 “What’s the DIFFERENCE?”
Sales Quarter of Training Content
to help you optimize your sales results:

Week One asked you to take a 
look in the Magic Sales Mirror
Week Two discussed perceptual contrast with a
One Minute Video on Framing
Week Three (Last Week) reminded us that
A Thing in Motion Stays in Motion
and shared this exercise…
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