Your 12 Week Sales Plan: Week 3 “A thing in Motion tends to…”

For you and your Team 
12 Week Sales Plan to GET TO YES FASTER®
Week Three focus on MOTION with your Clients.
YESCALATE® Tip # 17 “A Thing in Motion…?”
We know from science that:
A thing in motion tends to stay in motion.
This holds true with decision-making:
A decision made is likely to be continued.
Because people feel pressure to be
consistent with decisions they make.
Small decisions feel safer than big decisions.
And breaking the commitment into
a series of smaller commitments
is a best practice.
This has been referred to as
creating a YES momentum.
What series of commitments can
you structure for clients?
How small can they start to get moving?

Three questions for you to brainstorm 
with your Team this week in the form of:
*Dean’s Big Three Exercise
1) What are the first three things clients 
must do before they say yes to you?
2) What are three obstacles that stand in
their way?
3) Can you eliminate one of those six things
this week?
*A component of the YESCALATE® course
MOTION is the Week Three focus of 
Your 12 Week Sales Plan
… roll these Tips out as slow or as fast as you want…
At the end of the 12 weeks we will provide you
a link to all 12 weeks of training tips together.
I envision it as a Sales Quarter of Training Content
to help you optimize your sales results.
Week One asked you to take a 
look in the Magic Sales Mirror
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Week Two (Last week) with this 
One Minute Video on Framing
YESCALATE® Tip # 6 “FRAMING: The 3 Buckets”
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