“You made a Smart Decision…” (This Week.)

Use Brain Science to GET TO YES FASTER® 
Because the Brain is Predictable.
Last week we focused on 
“Eliminating one thing… 
  because a thing in Motion…
   stays in Motion.” 
And one of the shortcuts people use
to decide who they like
is whether that person likes them
We show we like someone
by paying a compliment.
Compliments release DOPAMINE in the Brain.
(And that feels GOOD.)
Ask your Team to start their Client interactions this week
with the simple complimentary phrase
“You made a Smart Decision…”

A Smart Decision…
  to call us
   to have this kind of policy
    to add the additional services
     to choose the deliverable you chose
      to reach out to us for more information…
Start with a Compliment


Review the Week’s YESENTIALS™ Lesson with your Team
  • In 10 Minutes on Monday, run a Drill-for-Skill around this Lesson 
  • Board a summary note where everyone on your Team can see it 
  • (on your “Did Well Wall”)
  • Play the video — this week it is Tip 5 “You made a Smart Decision”
  • Board Examples of the Tip in Practice this week…
  • Take 10 Minutes on Friday to run a Round-Table Review and Summarize the Wall
In doing so you are applying three of the most 
powerful triggers from Brain Science…
These are essential to GET TO YES FASTER®.
There are more than fifty YESENTIALS™
that I partner with client Teams to optimize.
Because we can use Brain Science to Optimize Performance.
Register your Team for one of 
Two Open Workshops coming up
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YESCALATE® Workshop or Webinar for Your Group
YESCALATE® Workshop or Webinar for Your Group


What is essential to build a high-performance culture?
Purpose. Behaviors. Essentials.
Define the YESENTIALS™
With your success in mind,