You Gotta’ Bring Your A-Game to Every Gig



“How a Team turns a $250 Day into a $3 Million Day.”


Look, it’s all Rock n Roll.


ROCKING is your business.


But your Team better bring your A-Game to the Bar
or you won’t get invited to play the Stadium.


Incremental Improvement every month
will lead to Exponential Growth
ONLY IF your Performance is Exceptional.


Tuesday night I was at the last American concert (ever?) 
for a little 5-person Team you might have heard of
called AC/DC.
(You probably recognize Angus above, pic from my phone.)


Angus and the boys ROCKED 20,000 clients
at a joint called The Wells Fargo Center
and the band was EXCEPTIONAL.
(20,000 people x $150 each = $3,000,000)


On Wednesday I was at one of the first American concerts ever
for a little 5-person outfit you’ve likely never heard of
called The Temperance Movement.
(Here’s a pic of lead singer Phil with my friend Andrew and I.)









Phil and the boys ROCKED 25 clients
at a joint called The Chameleon Club
and the band was EXCEPTIONAL.
(25 people at $10 each = $250)


Two Teams of 5 People Each
A drummer, singer, bass player and two guitarists.
Same Business: Simple. Bad-ass. Blues-based hard rock.
The kind of stuff a kid rocks out to on air guitar.


For the day’s work:
One band made $250 bucks
One band made $3 Million bucks.


A room of 25 and a room of 20,000.
Let me say this again:
Both bands were Exceptional.


The only way to get to a 20,000 person night
is by doing the 25 person nights.
As Bon Scott (founding AC/DC singer) sang in 1975
“It’s a Long Way to the Top (If You Wanna Rock ‘n’ Roll).”


You gotta get your A-Game on.
You gotta deliver your A-Game to every audience.


Make a difference for them, and they will tell a friend.
Each of those friends will tell a friend.
You only start making a dollar after making a difference.


The Universe makes you a Four-Part Job Offer 
(metaphorically speaking):
1. It’s gonna take you 10 years minimum to 
DEVELOP THE SKILLS you’ll need for this job;
2. we will pay you nothing until you 
3. once you are Exceptional we will 
PAY YOU A PENNY on your first day of Employment;
4. and each day for 29 consecutive days we will




But here’s the thing about a 
Penny a day that Doubles each day:
a single penny on Day One
means 2 pennies Day Two 
then 4 pennies, then 8 then 16….


The Temperance Movement is (metaphorically speaking) enjoying
the evening between Day 15 ($163.84) and Day 16 ($327.68)
AC/DC is basking in the glory of Day 29 ($2,684,354.56)


Check out this graphic to check the math:















…if the Universe decides to extend AC/DC’s job offer one more day, guess what?
Day 30 is going to be pretty freakin’ awesome for the Band.


I’m just saying:

  • You only get to 20,000 person stadium gigs by doing the 25 person bar gigs.
  • You better bring the same A-Game to that bar, or nobody is gonna let you rock the stadium.
  • If you rock 25 people and THEY TELL 2 PEOPLE EACH…you get the implications…
  • Incremental leads to Exponential but only if you are Exceptional.
  • Because you don’t even get invited to play that little bar until you are Exceptional.


Most people (Teams) give up before they even reach Mediocre.
They NEVER reach Exceptional.
Because Exceptional takes 10 years of STUDY 
and Exceptional takes WORK.


And their EGO won’t let them do the 25 person bar gigs
with the same level of A-GAME required for a Stadium.


I see it in my own business.
(And I bet you see it in your business, too.)
In my line of work I hear a Speaker complain because a Talk had only 6 attendees in the room.
But they forget– one of those 6 clients might lead them 
to a 6,000 attendee Talk if they are Exceptional… 


Keep your Team studying, keep your Team improving.
Because you need to play your A-Game.
And bring that A-Game to every Gig.


And you know what I hope? 
If you have attended one of my gigs I hope you found my stuff to be Exceptional.
My stuff might help you bring your A-Game.
Please share it with your Team.


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With your success in mind,


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