You Don’t Get What You Deserve.

You Get What You Accept.

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Quick Tip and Video: 
What are your MAPS? (4 examples in Video)  

What Do You Accept?
…what are the MAPS that guide you?

“MAPS” as in 

Two days ago, on the phone, a friend said 
“We get what we Deserve.”

And I disagreed.
That’s the best part about having
Vistage Speakers, Members and Chairs 
as friends …
We can respectfully disagree…
… and both learn from the dialogue.

Let’s change one word:

Rather than “We get what we Deserve.”
Let’s say, “We get what we Accept.”

Something I have observed 
over the last 25 years 
when I perform assessments 
of sales organizations: 
high-performing organizations have 
made MAPS for what they will accept 
sub-optimized sales organizations 
have no MAPS for what they will accept.
MAPS is the acronym I use in the 
YESCALATE® Performance System for
Minimum Acceptable Performance Standards
A few of the 54 questions I ask in my assessment:
What are the MAPS you have in place?”
What do you Accept as Minimums?
How do you show them Visually each Month?

Human beings make maps to guide them 
on Journeys.

Whether it is our Professional Journey 
to be profitable in our sales results

Or our Personal Journey 
to make a difference in our kid’s lives
we all would benefit by having MAPS
to guide us along the way.

As James Allen wrote: 
They Themselves are Makers of Themselves.

The choices we make along our Journey 
will determine where we end up.

Personal Example
15 years ago I did not choose to accept:
“Father’s don’t deserve fully-shared custody 
of daughters.”
I did accept my Responsibility to be a Dad,
asked for and was granted shared custody
and I worked every day, every other week, 
for the next 15 years to earn the 
exceptional relationship that
my 19 yr old daughter and I now share.

The Outcome (our relationship today) 
is the direct result of what 
I chose to Accept and Not Accept
over the last 15 years.

And as part of setting my Personal MAPS
Clients learned that I chose
to not accept Speaking Engagements 
every other week as those were 
Devon & Daddy Weeks.

And the interesting thing?

When I turned down business
many clients respected me more
because of my choices.

And those who didn’t?
Well… do you remember my 
Some clients you don’t want.
When you have clear metrics and MAPS
you make choices that align your beliefs
with optimizing your performance.
Whether the metric is the
average number of calls one of your Reps 
takes each month in your call center or
the number of Talks a Vistage Speaker 
can afford to take on in a year…
The bottom line is 
We don’t “Get what we Deserve.”
We “Get what we ACCEPT.”
Three questions for you to consider today:
1. What MAPS does your Organization have 
in place to optimize your sales results?
2. How are you displaying and updating these 
MAPS on an individual basis each month?
3.  Would you like a toolkit and a process to 
help you frame and present your MAPS
so you and your Team can 

Because I help CEOs and their Teams 
install a Performance System to
GET TO YES FASTER® with clients.
By providing tips and tools 
in videos and live training
that every member 
of your Team can use immediately
to accelerate and close 
more “YES” results.

With your success in mind,
Dean Minuto
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Recorded May 30, 2018
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