“Where’s your Diploma? Show me, please.” (Week Six)

Your Application Exercise this week is taken 
from the YESCALATE® Full Day Workshop
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Exercise is 5 below, on Building Your 3D Diploma™
1-min Video on Your DIPLOMA
Why does a Doctor hang a Diploma in the exam room? (1-min Video)
(Brain science explains why you should, too)
Is it because she forgets where she went to school?
The diploma is there for YOU, the patient.
Doctors are building a perception of

their trustworthiness in advance.

When you see a Harvard Diploma 
you say to yourself:
“OK, I’m in the right place. I’m safe.”
You do not ask “Would you please show me your transcripts?”
Or “What exactly was your GPA the last semester at Harvard?”
You may not yet know the specific Outcome
this doctor can get for you
but you know that the range of Outcomes 
is going to be good because of that 
physical symbol of trustworthiness.
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Your client’s brain is the survival organ in their body.
The brain is constantly scanning the environment for threats.
Research shows that people look for clues
to whether they can trust someone.
Scientists call these clues the “trappings of authority”.
Some even call them shortcuts, because they
make our decisions easier for us.
Three examples of the shortcuts that people
use in deciding who to trust are:
1)  diplomas,
2)  uniforms, and
3)  titles.
Are you and your Team prepared to
share your diploma conversationally
with those you need to influence?
Your 3D Diploma™: Do, Done and Demo.
  • What you DO.
  • Who you’ve DONE it for.
  • And will give a DEMO of the results.
PS… before we do this exercise most clients 
and their Teams are not able to answer those three
questions succinctly, consistently and conversationally.
For example, conversationally during the intro to
a CEO Group I will weave in the following
3D Diploma™ in the form of five numbers…
(This is NOT an “Elevator Pitch”– it is delivered conversationally
over the course of the first 10 – 15 minutes)
23,000 Members in the Leading CEO Membership Organization
(this Talk in 2015 was the most requested in the network)
9,000 CEOs and executives personally trained in 25 years
(helping them accelerate their sales process and close more business)
900 workshops in last 10 years alone with a
4.9 average rating on a 5-point scale from CEOs attending workshops
(there was 1 guy in Grand Rapids, Michigan…)
1 goal today to help you and your Team get to yes faster.”
(on average clients see a 20% lift in their numbers in 90 days)
That is my 3D Diploma™
It’s not framed and up on the wall-
but it serves the same purpose.
You and your Team can prepare your diploma
in such a way that it is easy for you to convey
and more importantly easy for your clients to begin
to see the Outcomes which can provide. 
The YESCALATE® course curriculum shows this
in the OUTCOME portion of 
The One-Page Sales Coach® Model
(The O in OPSC®)
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What are 5 numbers that you can give as a shortcut?
YESCALATE® Application Exercise 5
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A Thing in Motion Stays in Motion
Week Four focused our thinking around showing 
The Difference in 3D: Dollars, Data and Delta
Week Five discussed how we can provide clients
Proof and Evidence: The Power of a Tip Cup
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