“What’s your Proof?” (Week Five)

Your training exercise this week is taken from
(See Exercise 7 below, on building Client Testimonials)
1-min Video on EVIDENCE
Why does a Bartender put out a “Tip Cup”? (1-min Video)
Why did McDonald’s say, “Billions Served”? (2-min Video)
Because people want EVIDENCE.
They look for PROOF of what OTHERS have done.
Your clients have three choices:
Should they 1) choose you, 2) your competitor,
or 3) simply do nothing?
Before they choose, they look for shortcuts to 
make that choice– and one of the first shortcuts
is the question: “What have OTHERS chosen?”
Scientists refer to that shortcut as “Social Proof”
The YESCALATE® course curriculum calls it “EVIDENCE”
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Your client’s brain is the survival organ in their body.
The brain is constantly scanning the environment for threats.
Research suggests that in an uncertain situation,
(a choice between two or more uncertain options)
people choose what they perceive as
the safer option.
According to researchers one of the
fastest shortcuts people use
is evidence that others before them
have already made this decision.
People want Proof.
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A third-party endorsement is worth a lot
because it eliminates our perceived risk.
“If THEY say it is good, it MUST be.”
or… “At least it won’t kill me, today.”
What are some of the most powerful third-party
endorsements that you can have?  
Consider these three to start:
1. Client testimonials. 
2. Client testimonials. 
3. Client testimonials.
You have clients who love you.
You would not still be in business if you didn’t.
Right now you can think of TWO CLIENTS who
(if given the chance) would say amazing things about you-
You might want to consider asking them:
1. What was the Problem we Solved for you?
2. Why did you choose us, what was Different about us?
3. How would you Describe us to someone who’s never heard of us?
That’s how you get great Evidence– 
and that is how you build a powerful Tip Cup 
specific to your business.
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Over the last few weeks I have been outlining a
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