What’s First? Seeing or Believing

“To See. To Understand. To Believe.”

Dean Minuto Reading
The surgeries were a success.


I see again.

Seeing is one thing.
Understanding is another.
Believing is…
…well, BELIEVING is a whole other thing, isn’t it? 

 When a family member or client or a Team Member says
“I just don’t see it happening.”
what are they really saying?
They don’t believe it.

And the three (seeing, understanding, believing) are connected in the brain.
The ancients knew it, and so does modern brain science.
I cover this concept deeper in my workshops, but let me tell you a quick story…

I have been going blind since I was 17.
Over the last 6 weeks a very talented surgeon gave me my vision back.
Let me say this differently:
In November I could not see…
…and now in January I have 20/20 vision for the first time in my life.
A miracle.

New technology– a highly specialized laser and new lens implants–
combined with a world-class surgeon…
and the pic above is me the morning after my last surgery
reading for the first time since I was 7 without glasses.

But you know what completed the surgery?
It wasn’t the technology– it wasn’t even that I could see after the surgery–
it was when I saw how excited my surgeon was with the results.

My father who had flown in to accompany me to the surgeries commented:
“Dino, if the room had been bigger that surgeon would have been doing back flips.”

The day after my surgery the surgeon said:
I used everything I have learned in 30 years of surgeries on you yesterday…
“There is no other surgeon that could have achieved what we achieved…
“We achieved a perfect outcome… and that only happens when the mistakes I made cancel themselves out.”

It was his confidence that made me confident.
It was his belief that made me believe.

Seeing allows for a transfer of emotion— from you to another.
Here’s what you need to do if you want people to believe you:
You transfer YOUR emotion to THEM.


The Bible story says that Thomas doubted and said he had to see to believe.
I would ask you to think about this question:

Is seeing believing, or is believing seeing?

The only way you can see is IF you believe.

“Ahhhh…Now I See.”