“What Worked? You started WATCHING!” (Week 10)

Apply this Brain Science  
Improve your Sales 
It’s Simple.


WHAT IF you could use the brain’s own shortcuts
(cognitive biases like visuals and peer-based evidence) 
yes, use actual Brain Science
to generate sales improvements
in the high double-digit range 
with your Team?


What if you could see those results 
across your entire client-facing Team 
in 90 days by applying 3 things?


1. METRICS: Be proactive in what you measure. 
2. MODELS:  Show your team specifically what to Do.
3. MAPS:      Have minimum standards in place.

Old Zig Was Right
By the summer we were 90 days into a 
12-Month Sales Optimization Program 
with a client team of just under 100 folks 
… the entire Team’s performance was up 20% 
in the first 90 days, but there were individuals 
who were up 2X – 3X that amount— in other words
individual reps with monthly production gains 
in the range of 70% improvement.

We invited the reps with the biggest improvements 

into a room for a RoundTable conversation.


The question I asked, 
What’s WORKING for you and Why?


The Rep with the largest gain responded first:
“You all started WATCHING.”


I was struck by that statement because it 
reminded me of something I heard Zig Zigler say 
at an arena event back in the early 1990’s…
There were thousands in attendance that day
but it felt like Zig was speaking only to me:
“You absolutely can HAVE the things you want in life, 
if you are willin’ to DO what it takes to have them–
but you’ll need to BE the kind of person 
who does those things every day.”


Start Watching…
Be. Do. Have.
The Rep continued to explain what he meant by 
“You all started WATCHING….
…I had not been focused on the basics, and 
because of that I was not doing daily/weekly
what I needed to do to have the results I wanted-
…and when you SHOWED it to me visually,
and when I saw how far down the ranking I was 
compared to my Team–(and how much less 
I was earning than my peers)… 
well, I got angry at myself.
Because I knew I was better than that– 
And with the help of my coach it was clear to me 
what I needed to be doing differently.” 
This Rep had almost doubled his production in 90 days
because 3 components were put in place: 
1) Metrics: we customized and installed two measurement tools
using the company’s own data that made sales outcomes visual
and allowed for peer-based comparison and the commitments to
actions to be put in writing by each individual…
–specifically a Sales Funnel and the PERFORMANCE COMPASS™


Metrics Link Outcomes to Activity

Metrics link Outcomes (what we want to HAVE)
to Activity (what we will need to DO)
and let us compare our current performance 
to that of Elite Performers (who we strive to BE).

2) Models: we held everyone on the Team accountable 
for following a Client Engagement Model that made
their specific activities visual for them 
specifically the OPSC® Model (One-Page Sales Coach®)
for reps who are external client-facing, 
and a side-by-side Coaching model
theCoaching PATH™ for every member of 
the management team to use with internal clients.


Client Engagement Models Guide Activity
Models make our Activity visual to us– we can train to them
and hold our Team accountable to their steps.


3) MAPS: Minimum Acceptable Performance Standards 
were set for the activities associated with success
for each group– for reps (MAPS were set for each step of 
the sales process and shown on each Rep’s PERFORMANCE COMPASS™)
as well as for manager/coaches (MAPS set for daily coaching activity).  

MAPS (minimum acceptable performance standards) define what 
Tiers of performance look like within our environment and set
the minimum standards for specific activity.

What if…  (Your Team applied Brain Science to Sales)
Next Full Day Workshops in Philadelphia (January 31)


In this month’s YESCALATE® Workshops
we will brainstorm 9 Application Exercises including
one that includes these four application questions:
  1. What is your Client Engagement & Coaching Model? 
  2. What kinds of tools do you have to convey Metrics?
  3. How are your Models and Metrics VISUAL and PEER BASED? 
  4. What are your Minimum Acceptable Performance Standards?
Because you and your Team can GET TO YES FASTER®.
Over the last few weeks I have been outlining a
Sales Quarter of Training Content
to help you optimize your sales results
(we cover all of these in our full-day workshops):
Week One asked you to take a look in the 
Magic Sales Mirror
Week Two discussed perceptual contrast with a
One Minute Video on Framing
Week Three reminded us that
A Thing in Motion Stays in Motion 
Week Four focused our thinking around showing 
The Difference in 3D: Dollars, Data and Delta
Week Five discussed how we can provide clients
Proof and Evidence: The Power of a Tip Cup
Week Six asked you to consider showing your
3D Diploma™: Do, Done, Demo
Week Seven encouraged you to be more visual
Stop Saying, Start Showing
Week Eight warned you to use care with deadlines
The Brain has a BS Button

Week Nine reminded you of a shortcut to Trust
3rd Party Endorsements: “It ain’t braggin’…”



With your success in mind,