What is your “Before & After” Message?

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You know this: people pay attention to change…
(because a change in our environment represents potential risk)
But are you using this concept like the best marketers?
Some of the most successful marketing campaigns
use the concept of Visual Before & After Messaging
to quickly show people how their world changes for the better.
Here’s a question for you…
In any situation where you need/want a YES from someone
ask yourself…
What is a simple “Before & After” visual I can show them?

…their Problem BEFORE you
…their Better World AFTER you
Subway’s ads were successful uses of this concept–
and also a cautionary tale on relying on a single real-life spokesperson.

What is your “Jared Message” without using an actual Jared?

I can provide you and your Team a format to develop this messaging 
to improve your sales results and your marketing effectiveness
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