“What is the Fastest Way to Trigger the Brain?”



TIP #8
“Remember The BS Button.”


The fastest way to trigger someone’s brain 
…because people pay more attention to 
what they might LOSE
than they do to 
what they might GAIN.

But LOSS FRAMING can trigger people 
in a negative way 
if not done ethically.  
Three ways of using Supply as a Strategy :  
Limited Numbers, Deadlines and/or Penalties
And those three things can set off 
a Button in People’s Brain:
The Bullshit Button. 
REMEMBER: It is “BS” if there is no “BECAUSE”. 
If you are going to set a SUPPLY LIMIT 
you are best served by giving the valid reason 
causing the limit (the “because”) 
and by having a third party (not you) set the limit. 
Take a moment to consider these three application questions:
  1. Who do you need a YES from in the coming week or month?
  2. Are there any inherent Supply Limits in the situation?
  3. How you can Apply the Supply Strategy in an ethical way?