VIDEO! Starting Different with Dean and Mark Lange, Intrapreneur

Every day, in every way, we are Starting Different™– these Webcasts are a series of live video interviews with Speaker and Author Dean Minuto for clients and friends–

Improve 1% a day and in 70 days you are 2x as good.
Improve 1% a day and in 70 days you are 2x as good.

(both personally and as an entire company)
Want to replicate the secrets of success? What does every high-performance person and Team have in common? They make the invisible VISIBLE for every person on the Team through CUES, ROUTINES and HABITS that generate the OUTCOMES they seek-even if there are 6,000 people on the Team.
If you were unable to attend the session I hope you will find the video useful.  I see these sessions as guided interviews with me on the topic of Starting Different. The discussion topic, really one word: change, is not only eternal but extremely timely in today’s time of disruption. 

The behaviors around change and leading an exceptional life have been a topic of conversation since ancient times-and certainly top of mind for great thinkers and researchers from Franklin to Fogg-(Ben Franklin had a behavioral change program in the 1700’s for himself, and BJ Fogg is the founder and current head of the Behavioral Design Lab at Stanford University). I believe everything in our lives and in science and art has prepared us to contribute to people while they are navigating this time of massive change.
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“Success is not about making a commission, it is about making a difference.” Dean Minuto, THE ONE-PAGE SALES COACH
With your success in mind,

 Dean Minuto