Video! Someone needs it, today of all days!

“The little things are the big things, 
when the big thing is love.“–Dean Minuto 
That is the mustard seed. If you know the parable?
— Or as my Devon called it “the ketchup nut”– 
(but that’s a story for another day)
Someone needs to hear from you.
It is how we manifest LOVE in this world.
And it is how we are all going to get through this.

Maybe you can share this video with them?
I am fairly certain that this video will give you Joy– 
(… wait for little Bellamy and her harmonica solo at 02:53)
Colt Clark and the Quarantine Kids play “Handle With Care”

“Colt Clark is a professional musician, and my friend– someone that I love— he has brought Joy to my family for years on the weekends at the Don Cesar hotel on St Pete Beach.  COVID-19 is temporarily crushing people’s livelihoods but not their SPIRIT. 

For the last several days Colt has been posting songs that he has taught his children to perform with him– and I created a Virtual Tip Jar for Colt.  GoFundMe and the credit card companies keep about 3% of whatever we raise– but 100% of what comes through to me will be given to Colt and the Quarantine Kids. 
My parents and I agree that Colt would never set up something like this for himself– in fact, it took me a couple conversations with Colt years ago to convince him to set out an ACTUAL Tip Jar at the Don– I convinced him that people WANTED to tip him, that they love him and take joy in making special requests and saying THANK YOU to him. Anyway…Colt and his kids give me Joy… and in a very tough personal time for my family this week these videos have brought my family Joy…. if you feel the same way, if this video gives you a bit of Joy and you want to say THANK YOU to Colt, feel free to contribute and to let others know!” –Dean Minuto
(Wait for it at 02:53… HECK YES! Harmonica DROP!)


It was a Saturday in October, two years ago– (I know the exact date because my Amazon accounts tells me when I bought the Hohner 560PBXC Special 20 Harmonica, C-major, for my Dad…)
My 74 yr-old-father was visiting me in Pennsylvania on his way down to his beach condo in Florida– as he did every year before I moved to Florida myself.
We were having a shot of Bourbon together, in the courtyard in front of my home, the fountain splashing water in it’s concrete bowl, and I asked him:
“Pop, is there anything you haven’t done yet? Anything that you still want to do? Because I love you and let’s make it happen, man.”
Dad said, “You know, I’ve pretty much done everything…”
But I could see the gears going in his mind…
“Except ONE THING.”
“What’s THAT, Dad?” 
“Well, I have always loved music and have always wanted to play a musical instrument— I think I would’ve been good at it…
(and his voice took on a bit of sadness…)
… but with my hands they way they are I can’t make chords on the guitar and I will never play the piano. So I guess it’s never gonna happen.”
Dad held out his hands– years of boxing as a young man, and other injuries had taken their toll… one thumb wouldn’t even bend.
I laughed, which might seem inappropriate, but for some reason laughing is my auto-immune-response to the word “never”. 
I have always been allergic to that word, along with the word “can’t”… my brain just processes them as a sort of virus and expels them from my system.
“Those hands can hold a harmonica, can’t they?” I asked.
“And you seem to be able to blow air out of your mouth, right?
He laughed– “Yeah kid, I can do both of those things.”
“Well than you are gonna learn to play the harmonica.
I picked up the phone– right then and there–  and called our friend Colt Clark. “Colt I got something to ask you– and it’s for my Dad.”
“Dino, I love your Mom and your Dad, what does your Dad need?”
“My Dad wants to learn to play an instrument– and we want to start with a harmonica. What do you think?”
Colt laughed, in that way he does. His laugh is even musical.
“I think that’s a GREAT IDEA– I love it— get him a Hohner Special in C, he will be able to play just about anything. Easy!”

And in that moment I decided to make the ask.

Because I know how much faster learning happens with the right teacher, with the right coach…
My folks have a place about 10 blocks from the Don Cesar Hotel on St Pete Beach– and Colt is the house musician at the Don on Fridays and Saturdays.
“Colt, what would you think about giving my Dad some lessons before you start your gigs on a couple Friday’s and Saturday’s?”
“Dino, I would LOVE to teach your Dad to play the harmonica.”

(notice that word again?)

We are never starting over, we are always starting different.

As the back cover of my first book said: 
Success is not about making a commission, it is about making a difference. 
WHO ARE YOU to SHUT DOWN during these weeks?
There are people you can help. 
Someone is waiting to hear from you. 
Make a difference this week!
Thank you for allowing me to contribute. 
With your success in mind,