Video is up! Dean interviews Dr. Bill Crawford


“WHAT IF THERE WAS A BUTTON YOU COULD PUSH, in your brain, to shut off stress and anxiety?”  You’d HIT THAT BUTTON, right?
The simple technique outlined in this video interview and taught by Dr. Bill Crawford, Vistage Speaker of the Year 2020, can make a difference for so many people– and especially if you share it with those you love.  
On Friday, April 3 Starting Different (Webcast): Dean interviewed Dr. Bill Crawford.
“My dear friend, Dr. Bill Crawford is the current Vistage Speaker of the Year, (Vistage is the leading CEO Membership Organization in the World) has had 2 PBS Specials on Stress and Communication which have been seen by more than 15 million people, and he is the Author of 8 Books. Dr. Bill has something special to share with everyone navigating this time of massive change. He has a simple tool you can use to rewire your brain. And you can not only learn how to use this tool yourself to manage stress, but you can teach it to everyone you care about– your Team, your kids, everyone you love. Remember– we are never Starting Over, we are Starting Different.”–Dean Minuto
Success is not about making a commission, it is about making a difference.
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 Dean Minuto