Tip #1: Never Say It



One Minute Lesson:
“What is the fastest way to get info
into someone’s brain?”

All-New Quick Video Tips.
One Each Week.
Starting Today.

…the first of several dozen tips we taped a few weeks ago for you.

(I sat down and made a list “What are The Biggest Things that
Folks tell me they take from my Talks?” And I took that list
of 50 – 60 Tips into the video studio.)

I thought you might find these one minute tips useful?
…as a reminder if you have attended one of my Workshops,
…or to share with your Team this week to start a discussion.

The Goal: To help you GETO TO YES FASTER.

The craft of building yeses is what I teach.
And this Tip is one of 58 thought exercises attendees can apply
by attending one of my Workshops.
(The next Public Workshop is June 10th in Detroit)

 With your success in mind,

We look for shortcuts.