There only 23 hour in day.

That’s what he said.
(With a thick Korean accent.)
Then he saw the confused look on my face.
So, he repeated it to me:
“There only 23 hour for you now,
you spend 1 hour EVERY DAY
It was 1984, and I was a 16 yr old high school kid
applying for entry to his dojang in Binghamton NY.
He was Master Sang Chul Lee.
And he was a Certified BADASS.
(It didn’t say that on his card… but trust me.)
A 9th Degree Black-belt with movie-star good looks,
Master Lee was the retired Korean National Champion
(undefeated with 12 Gold Medals).
He eventually moved to Colorado to lead the
US Taekwondo Center and coach the US Olympic Team
(most decorated US Taekwondo Head Coach in history).
At the 1988 Seoul Olympic Games his US team 
won 11 medals, including 3 Gold Medals.
In Seoul.  Where THEY INVENTED Taekwondo.
American kids trained by Master Lee won 3 Gold Medals.
Master Lee built a high-performance culture in his dojang.
That culture was based on things like discipline, practice
…and extreme bad-assery.
(Might not be a real word but stick with me.)
Master Lee taught us 9 basic stretching exercises.
We started every workout with those 9.
Every Workout. Every Student. Every Day.
Same 9 basic exercises.
I’m 50 years old now and I still start every workout with those 9.
34 years of exercise, 1 hour a day, same 9 basics.
Purpose. Behaviors. Essentials.
In my mid-40’s a twenty-something Personal Trainer
at the local gym commented:
“Dino, I’ve seen you here 5-days-a-week for 5 years,
And you look the same.
DUDE! You’re doing something wrong.”
I smiled, thinking about Master Lee:
“DUDE! You misunderstand my Purpose.”
Purpose (I am strong, healthy and flexible, so I can defend myself.)
Behaviors (…I work out 1 hour every day.)
Essentials (…I start each workout with the 9 basics learned in Master Lee’s dojang.)
High-performance sales cultures share this focus.
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Another example (from his book EXCELLENCE WINS)
Horst Schulze of The Ritz-Carlton writes about his 
twenty-four Service Standards.
He defined what is essential.
All 35,000 employees repeat them DAILY at Ritz.
The Ritz-Carlton Daily Line-Up focuses on 
one Service Standard each day.
Every Shift. Every Team. Every Day.
35,000 Employees.
Around the World.
Schulze built a high-performance culture in his hotels.
The Ritz-Carlton is the only hotel to win 
the Malcolm Baldridge Award.
And they won it TWICE.
They built a high-performance culture.
Master Lee built one for the US Taekwondo Team.
Horst Schulze built one for The Ritz-Carlton.
You can do the same for your firm.


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