The Sun Shines on Every Path

“And Every Path Has Purpose”

Sunrise Half Moon Bay, CA 02/15/16
Sunrise Half Moon Bay, CA 02/15/16
In Northern CA now for 12 Vistage Talks in 8 business days.
Staying over for the middle weekend seemed like a good idea.
Except that it was Valentine’s Day Weekend.
The week after the Super Bowl was here.
Crushed. Traffic. No Restaurant seating.
Hotels jammed. Taxi drivers shell-shocked.
Breathe. Relax. Remember…
We are exactly where we are supposed to be.


Vistage CEO Member saves me–
makes personal call, gets me res at restaurant in Napa…
(Thank you, Craig.)
Server at dinner tells me “Go to Robert Sinskey Vineyard tomorrow.”
As I leave the Hostess points me to where I can find a cigar–
just past the art gallery a block up…

Walking past the open door at the gallery I see a two-times life sized
Self Made Man sculpture by Bobbie Carlyle…
The sculpture I’ve been talking about in my presentations for 20 years.

And Robert Sinskey? While drinking his wine the next day
I was told that before he started making wine he was saving people’s eyesight-
including mine it turns out.
Dr. Sinskey invented tools and processes that my surgeon used to save my vision.
Turns out Dr. Sinskey did well by doing good.

We all have the ability to be like Bobbie Carlyle and Robert Sinskey.
We are all Sculptors.
Creating first in our mind, and second with our work.
We are all Surgeons.
Beginning with Diagnosing, and then Solving our client’s problems.

You are exactly where you are supposed to be.

The Path you are on has a Purpose.
Make up your mind to Make a Difference.


With your success in mind,