Start Here: Because Rust Never Sleeps.

…take a few moments and get aligned for the new year.
Preventative Maintenance 
for High-Performance  
Think about the past year:
What did you do well?
…and What will you do different?
(Those are the two most powerful questions to optimize your performance in 2018)
I developed this Wheel Alignment Tool(TM) more than 20 years ago as a training aide in my work with high-performance sales teams. 
It is a metaphor of us as high-performance machines, and a visual process map to help us see that “You already know exactly what you need to do to optimize your performance– now create a space for success to happen.” 
Because Neil Young was right “Rust never sleeps.”
Wear and tear is naturally occurring.
It is, in fact, inevitable.
Wear and tear effects every person differently.
How has it hit you and your team this year?
What tools will you apply to handle it in the new year?
Why do we need tools for wear and tear? 
Because we will hit bumps.
You go fast.
You are a High Performing Individual.
(Your Team is a High-Performance Team.)
High-Performance machines run fast.
Speed means hitting bumps.
Bumps mean wear and tear.
Wear and tear takes you out of alignment.
After 25 years as a sales trainer I’ve seen thousands and thousands and thousands of best practices. 
And I’ve also seen that training does not stick if you just spray it on like applying a single layer of wax on a car…
So think of this video lesson and the corresponding handout as Preventive Maintenance for High-Performance Teams and Individuals.
(Think of me as your mechanic.)
Scientists have shown that “wear and tear” is the effect of the second law of thermodynamics, defined as follows:
objects stray from their original form and function over time, unless energy from an external force is used to maintain them.”
(I think of myself as “the energy and the external force”.)
My Dad, in raising us up, always said: 
“Be Proactive about Preventative Maintenance.”
Dad sends me a text on many mornings telling me: 
“Make a difference today. Give them more than they paid for.”
So in that spirit of contribution I have produced a video for you on this exercise.
I hope you can invest a few minutes this week to get aligned.
And I hope I can contribute to you and your Team’s continued success in the New Year…
Watch the video.
Ask yourself:
What did We Do Well?
What will We Do Differently?