SLOW DOWN if you want to GET TO YES FASTER. Email Tip from Dino

To get there faster you have to slow down?
That MAKES NO SENSE does it?


If you want to get to yes faster with people
Then you need to go slower on purpose.
Your purpose is to make a difference.
So… Take it easy.
An old-school law of sales states that
“Time kills deals.”
And in real-world practice with people
“Speed kills sensitivity.”
Is your yes cycle is too long? 
It might be that the front end of your yes process is too short.



 Slow Down to Get to YesSome background…I’m the luckiest kid in the world.
I am blessed to always meet exactly the teacher I need at exactly the right time(“When the student is ready the teacher is presented.”)
My first mentor in sales (the extraordinary Joe Volpe), shared this lesson: “Dino, time kills all deals.” 
Meaning that in sales the longer a prospect takes to think, the more likely that a deal gets lost.
My current physical training coach (the life-changing Carmelo Alicea) counsels me during workouts that: “Dino, speed kills sensitivity.”  
Meaning that in the physical world the faster you go with a movement the less likely you are to feel your form is correct and know if you’re in balance.
And both quotes apply to getting to yes. Because getting to yes happens in the physical world.
When it comes to influencing someone to say yes, the slower you go on the front end (your due diligence, your mutual learningthe faster they understand the outcomes.
Your job in the beginning is to go slow on purpose so that you can be sensitive to their environment, to see clearly what’s going on in their world.(The 3D Framing™ component of the YESCALATE® model.)
To fully and completely understand their problems. 
If you go too fast on the front-end you are going to miss important stuff and when you miss what is important to them you will make it harder for them to go fast with a yes to you on the back-end.
You must go slow on the front-end so that they can go fast on the back-end.
This applies as much to relationships in our personal lives as it does to our business deals.
When we go too fast in the beginning  of our personal relationships, that speed kills sensitivity. When we move too fast in the start of our business deals the same thing happens.

Speed kills sales. Speed kills relationships.

Does your sales cycle seem too long? Do you feel you need to make it faster? Then slow down!
This seems counter-intuitive but think it through.
Your yes cycle is too long because your due diligence cycle is too short.
Time kills deals. (That’s what Joey says.) Speed kills sensitivity. (That’s what Melo says.)
Joey and Melo are both right.
Vistage, the legendary CEO Membership organization, has a great quote that has bounced around the US that I’ve heard from dozens of Vistage Chairs and hundreds of Members: “Hire slow and fire fast.”
Let’s apply that to getting to yes: The more time you take learning about the target the less time they’ll take to say yes to you.
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