Show Them Others. (“You’re not Alone.”)


LESSON: Where’s the Evidence? 
You need a YES from someone this week.
Quick question:
Are they uncertain about whether
they should choose you,
they should choose another, or
they should do nothing?
Give them a shortcut to choose you.
Keep this in mind: people avoid risk.

Research suggests that in an uncertain situation,
people choose the safer option.
What evidence can you point to that shows
you as the safer, more certain, option?
People are focused on their own survival.
And to save energy, people look for
shortcuts when making decisions.

According to researchers one of the
fastest shortcuts people use
is evidence that others before them
have already made this decision.

Consider this example…
In a town you’ve never been in before
there are two Diners you can choose for dinner:
one Diner has a parking lot full of cars,
the other Diner is completely empty.
Which Diner has the better food?

Most of us would say, “the Diner with all the cars.”
Why? What is our evidence?
One shortcut we use to determine what’s correct
is to look for what other’s think is correct.

Yes, McDonald’s is giving us that shortcut:
“Billions and Billions Served”
(That’s one big parking lot.)

Additional science also tells us this:
It’s not that we pick the diner that has more people,
it’s that we avoid the diner that’s empty.

People don’t always choose the best.
They avoid the risky.
And other people’s safety convinces.

Three questions for you to consider today:
1. Do the people you want to influence
see you as safe or risky?
2. How well are you and your Team
presenting the Evidence that you are safe?
3.  Would you like a toolkit and a process to help you frame and present your Evidence so you and your Team can GET TO YES FASTER®?  If Yes, let’s set up a Coaching Workshop.


Show them “The Evidence” 
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