Scientists found it. The YES button.

…the YES button in the brain.
(And you can learn how to trigger it.)

Science has found hundreds of specific triggers,
that when present in people’s environment
will trigger the YES button.

Scientists call these triggers “cognitive biases”
and they explain why your customers 
say YES to some requests–
say I NEED TO THINK ABOUT IT to others–
or flat out tell you NO.

You will learn to identify them as seven, 
easy to remember, and easier to use shortcuts–
7 shortcuts that trigger the YES Button in the brain. 
Science tells us why your customers… 
will follow through on their commitments up to 4x faster
(using one simple trigger, that we often forget to use)
feel one company is a better choice than another
(and it’s got nothing to do with being better)
are triggered to take the next step after a proposal 
(by seeing one thing in your proposal or your website)
like one vendor more than another
(nothing to do with price)
give referrals to one vendor and not others
(this one is so easy it’s crazy)
trust one person more than another
(a hint, it’s three little things they see on your walls)
and will do something totally irrational like line up at 
the Post Office on April 15th to mail a letter
(it is totally irrational– but brain science explains it)

If you understand these shortcuts you can 
trigger the YES button faster and more often.
But if you ignore them you will actually 
make it harder for your clients to say YES.

LEARN WHAT scientists know are 7 Shortcuts to YES 
as a simple and easy to use model;
EXPLAIN WHY those shortcuts work with a 3-word Checklist for your own presentations/proposals/emails/social media; and 
DEMONSTRATE HOW to apply them to any attempt to persuade using the One-Page Sales Coach® tool.
Or reach out to me if you would like a Private Workshop for your Team or Group.
With your success in mind,

       Dean Minuto