Research: Top 5 Mistakes to Avoid to Get to YES

Recently Vistage Florida (a leading part of the World’s Best, and likely America’s First CEO learning network) asked me to share my research into the Top 5 Mistakes that business owners and their Teams make when trying to get to ‘Yes’ with clients and prospects, to negotiate concessions from vendors, or to influence their employees (or family members) to change their behavior…
What if I could teach you the Top 5 Tips (click to watch) to avoid those mistakes in less than 5 minutes?

Would you like me to share my research with your Team, Group or Association and help your members apply the science with tools customized for your specific business to help you GET TO YES FASTER® and sell more in a shorter period of time than ever before?
Email me to inquire on Training or Keynotes availability for a live workshop with your Group.
Here’s the link to Vistage Florida Research page and their Speaker’s Spotlight which happens to be on me this month:
…(Click Image for Video and Details)