One Question for Us This Week…

“How will we lower risk (and increase safety)
for those we want to influence this week?”
Focus on that one question with your Team this week.
Lowering risk is essential to GET TO YES FASTER®.
It is one of more than fifty YESENTIALS™
that I partner with client Teams to optimize.
Because we can use Brain Science to Optimize Performance.
Let’s start by noting two facts about the Brain:
Survive. Save Energy.

And the research is clear…
Risk is 2x as Powerful
One of the ways we can make a difference
is by acknowledging and minimizing their risk.
Whether it’s psychological safety or actual safety
We are in effect saying to them
“We got your back.”
Remember from my workshop– there are 
7 Cards you can use today to Attract a YES Faster–
and of the “3 C’s” I teach on the 
NICE card of the MAGNETS™
“Collaboration” is the most powerful.
…using words of unity are one way of 
letting people know “we got your back”
(the 3 most powerful: “we”, “us” and “our”).
MAGNETS to Attract YES
Last week we kicked off the start of a
year-long coaching and training program
at McNeil & Company (Cortland, New York).
McNeil impresses me for many reasons
not the least of which is their focus on
collaboration with their clients, 
as evidenced by the work they did coming up
with maybe the best tagline I’ve ever heard
“We Are Who We Insure”
I had an opportunity to begin work with Arch Insurance
(McNeil’s parent company) earlier in the year
and interviewed a dozen or so of the kinds of clients
that McNeil works with…discussing the problems 
in their world – (risks, pains) –
and identifying examples of how 
Arch solves those problems.
The examples can be roughly grouped into three categories
Access, Solutions and Knowledge
(the acronym being ASK)
And the Team can focus on them with every client:
  • How does ACCESS lower risk for this client?
  • What about customized SOLUTIONS?
  • When kind of KNOWLEDGE will make them safer?
Now consider the power of “We Are Who We Insure”
as manifested in behaviors focused on
Access, Solutions and Knowledge…
All of which are geared towards lowering risk.
And a Team that looks for ways of doing that every day. 
What is essential to build a high-performance culture?
Purpose. Behaviors. Essentials.
Define the YESENTIALS™

You can do the same for your Team this week:
What if…  
Your Team knew and applied the


In this month’s YESCALATE® Workshops
we brainstormed 9 Application Exercises including
one that includes these three application questions:

  1. What do YOU know About THEM?
  2. Do they see you as Safe or RISKY?
  3. How can you ELIMINATE the RISK?
You and your Team can GET TO YES FASTER®.
if you lower people’s risk.
With your success in mind,