On Memorial Day thoughts on the Power of GIVE.




Who do you need to get to yes with this week?
There are 7 simple (and timeless) strategies 
you can use today to GET TO YES FASTER® 
Today, a quick reminder for you of the
the power of one of those strategies…
On Memorial Day (as on all days)
we feel the need to GIVE BACK
to those who have GIVEN TO US
(as is appropriate, as is right)  
There is SCIENCE that explains
WHY we feel that way…
And if you understand the science
you can get to yes faster with people
in an honest and ethical way.
What the Ancients knew about influence
has been proven by modern scientists:
People feel pressure to give back to us
when we give to them first.
Today’s decision-science (psychology in
all it’s forms… behavioral… neural…)
calls it “Reciprocity”…
the Ancients in their books of wisdom
referred to it as “The Golden Rule”.
(as in “Do unto others…”)
Three elements to consider:
1. When you GIVE you make Deposits
in people’s Emotional Bank Account.
(A heartfelt “thank you” to the late-great
Dr. Stephen Covey for that reminder.)
2. The more personal and useful is the
gift the more powerful the impact.
(A personal introduction, referral, article,
testimonial, tool, compliment-
even something that gives hope.)
3. How is GIVE a strategy you are
incorporating consciously and proactively
into your sales and marketing efforts today?
Take a moment, right now, and think about
The Three I’s: 
  • Invitations 
  • Introductions and 
  • Information
and second, GIVE it to them.

They will want to give back to you.