Mirror, Mirror on the Wall…

If you want more from us, take a look at yourself.
Think of this as your GPS Mirror for Sales.
(Global Positioning System. Gain Pain Scale.)
It’s a Magic Mirror because it lets you see how we 
(your customers/vendors/partners)… see you.
Look, nothing exists in isolation.
We are comparing you to others:
other vendors, other partners, other employers. 
(That’s the “positioning” that marketers talk about.)
We don’t see everyone in our world equally
… some do more for us (High Gain)
… some are easier to be with (Low Pain)
We keep you around based on 
your rating on that “scale”.
When someone is Low Gain and High Pain 
we revoke their Privileges.
In our business life we stop working with them
In our personal life we release them to Match.com-
Either way we move on.
“Mirror, Mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all?
When my housekeeper arrives on Monday morning 
I have her favorite music station playing 
on the home entertainment system. 
Why? Because she’s awesome and 
I want her to keep coming back. 
(I want to be on her “Favorites” list.)
Think about your clients– 
you have your own “Favorites” list, right?
And you’d like more of your OTHER clients 
to be MORE LIKE those “Favorites”
That is why I created the 
Critical Account Planning Tool
for my clients.
High Impact and Easy To Do Business With. 
(Quadrant 1)
That’s how you want YOUR CLIENTS to see you, right?
You want to be in their Quadrant 1.
So how do you get there, and stay there?
What do they all have in common? 
They all have a brain.
I know, I know, “some of them, not so sure“… 
but stick with me on this.
They are looking at you with a form of this GPS Mirror.
It’s not brain science.
Oh wait… actually, yes it is.
Brain scientists tell us
The brain has two goals each day–
GOAL ONE: to keep you alive; and,
GOAL TWO: to use as little energy as possible to keep you alive.
To achieve those two goals people are always asking two questions
“What’s in it for me?” (Impact and Gain)
“Where are the shortcuts?” (Ease and Pain)
They want more from you (higher gain), 
and they want it to be easier (less pain).
Turn the GPS Mirror on yourself
Quadrant 1 is where you make a difference in the world
It is also how you and your Team 
That would be a powerful goal to work towards this year, wouldn’t it? 
I work with clients who achieve exactly that– 
they get to yes faster (shortened sales cycles) 
and optimize customer experiences.
5 Coaching Questions for You:


  1. Ask of each client “What are the top three IMPACT factors?”  
  2. And also… “What are the top three EASE factors?” 
  3. In workshops I ask client teams:
    “Are there any obstacles (pains) that YOU yourself have created?”
    The answer is always: “YUP.”
    Then make a list of them and brainstorm how to remove them.
  4. What is ONE THING you can do this week to generate more IMPACT or make it EASIER for your client?
  5. Would you like a toolkit and a process to help you and your Team do this on an ongoing basis? Yes, let’s set up a Coaching Workshop
Remember your goal is to make a difference for your clients 
… put yourself in their shoes and take a look in the GPS Mirror!
Your clients will thank you for it.
And you will GET TO YES FASTER®.